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A Devon Rescue Group

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A Devon Rescue Group Empty A Devon Rescue Group

Post by Azur Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:34 pm

by Michael Evans of the Devon Rescue Group

We have nine sitters and four of these are trance mediums. All members of the group are now retired except for John, a science teacher, who teaches part time. Some of us have sat together since December 1985, but our Rescue work did not start until January 1991, during the first Gulf War. We meet in the lounge of this house and we always sit in full daylight. I record the proceedings on a Sony Mini-disk and conduct most of the actual conversation with spirits but any member can join in at any time and sometime another spirit will join in speaking through another medium in the group. The recordings are later transferred to audio tape for passing to interested folk.

The method used has always to be adapted to suit the needs of the individual we are talking to. They have their own frame of reference and whether they are Christian, Muslim Hindu or agnostic we respect this so that they will come to trust us and take our advice as to how to progress onward. We are sympathetic, reassuring, cheerful, confident and non-judgemental. Our confidence is based on the fact that on only two occasions out of more than one hundred and forty, have we seemed to fail.

One failure was in the case of a Catholic priest who after coming to doubt the truth of the doctrine he was teaching, finally committed suicide. He left us still doubtful. The other was only an apparent failure for Letitia returned later to say she had been helped. I will append her story at the end of this account.

At first we used to explain to people, if they had not realised it, that they had passed over and we could help them on their way to the happier realm that awaited them. We would tell them to look for the light that would gradually appear and ask for help, whereupon helpers would come to assist them. We now find that it is usually far quicker to tell them to think of some one they were fond of, who has already died, and make a big WISH for them to come to them. Time and time again this has worked and in less than ten minutes they are on their way and thanking us for the help. The few who have no one to wish for have nearly all responded to wishing for a favorite pet, a dog or cat, perhaps, to come. By some mysterious magic, the pet appears, greets them with joy and leads them to waiting helpers. They then begin to open their spirit eyes and, for the first time, see the beautiful scenery around them.

One young man who had been adopted and had died in a young offender's institute, could think of no one, - but suddenly wished to see his natural mother. It so happened that she had passed and came timidly to approach him. It was wonderful to hear their joy as they clasped each other.

One afternoon, at the Dawlish Peace Circle, a lady called Letitia burst into speech through the entranced medium, Sheila Gwillam. Her voice rang out clearly:

"I didn't want to die so soon. I protested strongly against this. I thought I was entitled to live a complete length of life and I was whisked away so soon. This was not of my making, I did not agree to it. I understood you die eventually but certainly not at a young age. I was most indignant about this. I found myself on the other side, mixing with people of such a low, low nature, I was furious.
I intended to live in the type of place that I always expected myself to be in when my time came and I certainly did not expect to go at such an early time. I spoke to everyone around me and I demanded my rights. No one would listen. I was used to having servants and I was very, very angry. Why did I not have my servants with me? I should have someone to attend to me at all times, you understand, and I demanded this, but no one would listen and here I am, alone, with dreadful people around me all the time, at a distance you understand, at a distance. I would not let them come near me, such people of low mentality. Even now I am very cautious as to whom I speak with.

Group; It is nice that you will speak to us then.

Letitia: I have been brought here under protest, Madam. I don't see why I should be here.

Group: We would like to be able to give you some help.

Letitia: I don't need your help, Madam.

Group: Can you tell us how old you were when you passed over?

Letitia: I was a mere 50 which is just the twinkling of an eye.

Group: You see where you are, age does not matter. You can change your life and be happy whatever age

Letitia: What is happy, what is happy? Happy is having my jewelry around me. Happy is living in the kind of house that I choose! I prefer to live in the manner to which I was accustomed, you understand.

Group: Yes, we understand all right.

Letitia: It's not fair. I have told everyone over and over again.

Group: Did you live in a house like that?

Letitia: Of course, my dear, of course.

Group. And did you help other people around you?

Letitia: Oh definitely not!

Group: Why not?

Letitia: They must help themselves.

Group: Don't you think that was rather selfish of you.

Letitia: You dare to tell me that I am selfish?

Group: Yes!

Letitia: Humph!.

Group: Were you never aware of the suffering of people around you?

Letitia: That was their business, it was nothing to do with me.

Group: Why was it nothing to do with you?

Letitia; I did not put them in this situation.

Group: But how would you have felt if you were in an unhappy situation and nobody was prepared to help you?

Letitia: Nobody cared for me when I demanded it, you understand.

Group: No! I don't understand and I don't think you understand yourself. Perhaps your situation is because you did not show any compassion to others around you.

Letitia: It is, may be, because I do not understand what compassion is. No one has shown it to me.

Group: Have you never cared for anyone in your life?

Letitia: Definitely not

Group: Did you not have a child or a husband?

Letitia : No.

Group: You were a single lady?

Letitia: I was a single lady. I did not think any male good enough.

Group: Did you have an animal, a dog?

Letitia: No.

Group: What of your parents?

Letitia: They are dead

Group: Did they show you compassion when they were alive

Letitia: No. None whatsoever.

Group: But if they are dead, so are you. Perhaps they might come and help you if you called them and asked

Letitia: I must say I had never thought of that.

Group: There are people waiting to help you when you want it. You just have to ask. The whole secret is to ask for help.

Letitia: I am in pain all the time!

Group: We are very sorry to hear that.

Letitia: I did have arthritis rather severely.

Group: Well that can be completely cured

Letitia: It made me very irritable.

Group. That's quite understandable but you can be completely cured of your pain and can be brought to a situation where you will feel very happy...but you have to open your heart.

Letitia: I do not know how to open my heart.

Group: You have to wish the best for others so that they may be happy, seek to make others happy

Letitia: The problem is, dear sir, that when you are enfolded within, there is so much pain and so much darkness, it is very difficult to think of anything else but the pain. If someone could come along and direct me how to deal with the pain then maybe I would be able to consider other people.

Group: I think the first thing you have to do is to is to look for the light, wherever you can see a light. Look to the light and ask for help. In this way all the solutions to your problems can come and you will find yourself out of the difficulties of darkness and pain. There is indeed a paradise waiting, but you have to look for the light, you have to pray. You have to ask for help.

Letitia: But who do I pray to? Is there a God that they speak of?

Group: There is indeed a divine being beyond our comprehension, who understands everything that you think and feel.

Lettitia: But will they understand me?

Group: Yes they understand everything about you.

Letitia: Me. Me!

Group: Yes, they know everything about you and if you ask for that help it will be given in a way that will seem like a miracle to you. You will be amazed how quickly you will feel happy, how quickly your pain will go, how you will find yourself in lovely places with, kind compassionate people; but you have to make the first step, seeking the light and asking for help. You have the love of this group to go with you. While you are with us, ask for help now. Don't demand - ask.

Letitia: It will take a little time

Group: When you see someone, listen to what they say and don't reject it out of hand. You see you have a guardian angel, you have had one all your life.

Letitia: Have I? I've never seen him.

Group: No! I know you haven't but you could see him now if you wanted to.

Letitia: Do you think he could help me with my pain?

Group: Of course. Yes. He is waiting there. Waiting for you to ask.

Lctitia: I will consider what you have said. You seem~ to be a reasonable type of people and you sound most cultured. I will leave you. I have told them I am going to go now. I insist.

Group: We send you our love.

Letitia: I will consider your words. You have spoken most kindly to me. You are the first to speak so kindly to me for some time and if I have a guardian angel as you say I will speak to him in my mind and maybe he will help me with my pain. I give you' Good Afternoon'.

Group: Try to remember to say 'please'!

Letitia: This is very difficult. I will consider the matter.

Group: "Please!"

Letitia: Thank you. Goodbye.

The group's first comment was: "Was she real? Are there people like that?

A fortnight after the above visit, Letitia came back just as we were about to finish. This is what she said:

I thought I'd just pop in to thank you for the help you gave me. I have progressed and can now see flowers and grass and I just want to express my grateful thanks for all your kindness to me. I have been visited by a little child and she brought me a kitten and this helped me to take my mind off myself, and with that, the pain seemed to ease and 1 was able to go into a reverie, and when I came to, there was my little girl guardian again: and now I have two kittens, two little white kittens, I am only here for a brief moment and I am still not used to this sense of well-being.

I thought you would like to know that you had assisted me and I do thank you. Goodbye.


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A Devon Rescue Group Empty Re: A Devon Rescue Group

Post by Left Behind Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:14 pm

How wonderful that you were able to help her! While she started off acting as if she didn't deserve any help, of course, "deserving" help isn't the issue: "needing" help is the issue. Smile


Left Behind

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A Devon Rescue Group Empty Re: A Devon Rescue Group

Post by Azur Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:22 pm

Left Behind wrote:How wonderful that you were able to help her! While she started off acting as if she didn't deserve any help, of course, "deserving" help isn't the issue: "needing" help is the issue. Smile


I didn't help her Laughing

It was Sheila Gwillam and the rescue group, and the spirit world.


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A Devon Rescue Group Empty Re: A Devon Rescue Group

Post by Left Behind Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:27 pm

Well then, I'm glad THEY were able to help her! Very Happy


Left Behind

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