Did Spiritualism ever really attain its Independence?

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Did Spiritualism ever really attain its Independence?

Post by hiorta on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:42 am

UK Spiritualism is an off shoot of Anglican notions of Christianity and apparently never quite cut the apron strings.
The inculcated theology inflicted upon generations of children, the horrors of foreign missions, the continual terrorist wars of suppression, etc., have left confusion instead of certainty. The crime-laden, sleaze-ridden behaviour of the self-styled betters that we lesser beings were expected to unthinkingly look up to, only reinforced the sham of Christian superiority, as we silently watched their rampant materialistic scramble for power and possessions.
Spiritualism failed to establish its embryo credentials of sincerely seeking Truth as its primary objective, now the Law of Attraction must prevail.
The noble, self-sacrificial efforts of so many individuals have been rendered - not in vain, for much has been achieved - redundant. The new generation raised in a time of plenty cannot begin to appreciate the treasures they spurn.
We can only speculate as to why. Perhaps these Souls need the experience. In any event, that aspect of Soul, the ego, is in the ascendancy. In the wise words of the SB group: 'All things work wisely and well'

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Re: Did Spiritualism ever really attain its Independence?

Post by Quiet on Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:43 am

Hiorta, I think there are many different versions of the truth.

And there are many different types of mediumship. By that I mean that the message of the importance of love and service gets through in so many different ways. Spirit speaks to the human experience in many different ways.

Humanity and one of its faces, patriarchy, has influenced Christianity in a particular way as with some of the other major faiths (e.g. Islam) and some pretty skewed things have occurred. However, there is considerable good and beauty in Christian and Islamic practice as well - and has been over the centuries. As an ex-Catholic myself I still love the writings of the 16c mystics and I love what I've read of some of the Sufi mystics including Rabia and Hafiz. These shining stars carry the message of love.

And Silver Birch himself says that love is the real message. 'Souls are being touched', he says, and 'Love is the key'. Reference The Spirit Speaks: Teachings from the Silver Birch Series, compiled by Tony Ortzen, Psychic Press, 1995.

Recently I had a reading from a marvellous American woman called Barbara Moore who specialises in Tarot and is highly intuitive and very spiritual in terms of generosity and lightness of being. In that reading, she confirmed something which had occurred for me some months earlier. It was evidential. I've never met her. She lives in the US and I live in Australia. She works for a New Age publishing house and is very much involved in social media. This experience brought home to me that Spirit will find a way that will work best with the culture of the times. Ursula Roberts' Ramadahn lectures are quite clear about this as well.

Nothing is wasted, and the efforts of those early Spiritualists have not been wasted. It all works towards the greater whole and the work of Spirit goes on regardless. I think that the Spiritualist Movement was ideal for a certain period of time and for a certain culture. I am so grateful, as I've said before here, that a life saving message came to me through a medium in a Spiritualist Church.

I am 64 years of age and sometimes I get very despondent as well when I think about my life and some of the things which have occurred. It has been especially hard in the last few months because of anniversaries, health, regrets et al. I am my own worst enemy and judge however. Smile

Sometimes we just have to trudge. It can get harder as we age and become more reflective. I always bring myself back from this with the words of Spirits like Silver Birch, Chan and Ramadahn who point out the uselessness of regret and the importance of giving, loving and living in the present moment. That is a message which is universal and comes through all the great inspiration poetry and literature of most cultures and faiths. I am not always good at this, by the way.

I think you are an extraordinarily thoughtful and gracious soul, hiorta, and I hope you don't see this response as anything other than genuine and from the heart. It is Christmas time, after all, and not all of us are caught up in the meaningless commercialism of it all. Smile


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Re: Did Spiritualism ever really attain its Independence?

Post by hiorta on Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:38 am

What a marvellous post! Quiet, you so accurately encapsulate all that I think and then express so succinctly.
Like yourself I abandoned Catholicism - at 13 years of age - I could actually feel something within and realised that 'this wasn't true'

Truth, as you say, differs and seems to evolve as we evolve, if we allow it.
I never get despondent about such things, merely accepting the changing situations as part of a wondrous experience. Life is good.

As to inspiration, it flows now freely and easily, but Silver Birch and Kahlil Gibran's 'The Prophet' always strike a fresh chord.

Thank you for the compliments, but they are unearned. I just try to do as the inner being prompts - not always successfully. (wish I could type)

I was stationed near to the 1st RAR in Korea and next to the Kiwi's and recall what great folk they were.

Anyway, have a great Christmas time.
What will be - will be.

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Re: Did Spiritualism ever really attain its Independence?

Post by Quiet on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:13 pm

Thanks, hiorta Smile. I've had a wonderful time with my family. Christmas Day is a poignant time for us as it was both my father's birthday and the day of my mother's passing.

We are a close family but I am the only one who as yet believes as I do. My sisters and brothers are fine people. As a family we have come through a great deal with understanding and love. I always feel the closeness of our family in spirit very much at this time.

Have a great New Year Smile


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