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Balance or imbalance?

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Balance or imbalance? Empty Balance or imbalance?

Post by hiorta Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:22 am

Thoughts that have arisen from this article -

Superficially, a wonderfull breakthrough in knowledge - but are there deeper ramifications?
At first glance, this is marvellous news as suppression of harmful elements obviously are.

But - does destruction of a Life form really mean good news?

I remember SB being asked such a question and his reply was that we create the conditions for a variety of 'unwanted' Lifeforms to exist and would be better off overall if we could learn the inner lessons such situations brought. I can't remember exactly, but this is the gist of the reply - if memory serves.

The Universe is in constantly changing balance of so many contradictory matters and must/ will remain so, I believe.
What knock on effects does something like this have in the wider scheme of things, I wonder?

There seems so many views of things being 'good' so long as money is to be made - terrorism, for one - provided the perpetrators 'get away with it'.
Another view is that so long as humanity gains (apparently), then this, too, is a 'good thing'.

Something niggles that there are greater considerations though, which encompass all Life.


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Balance or imbalance? Empty Re: Balance or imbalance?

Post by petal34 Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:59 am

Rather interesting,Hiorta.
My first reaction to this was to think of Flu viruses.
They knock out one type of flu virus and along comes another.
My opinion for what it's worth,it will be the same with hospital germs etc.

This blue light that is mentioned made me curious. Wondering if it is the same as was used on a mole I was given treatment for a couple of weeks ago.
Must check on the net.
I had a pre-cancerious mole appear on my ankle so it was decided to use what they call 'White light treatment
Actually the light was blue. The nurse donned a mask and I was given 10 mins of the treatment.
The burning sensation lasted for two days.

But I see your point,is there a reason for 'bugs' to remain on this planet,what is the reason?
Keep the population down?


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