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Tarot Card Reader's Candle used to kill

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Tarot Card Reader's Candle used to kill Empty Tarot Card Reader's Candle used to kill

Post by Lis Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:49 am

In December 2008 Adelaide Tarot Card Reader and Counsellor Jan Sansom gave a reading to Rajini Narayan. At the end of the session Narayan was provided by Sansom with a compact disc of her reading and a candle.

A few days later Narayan is alleged in court to have used the lit candle to set her husband on fire after dousing him with petrol while he slept. Narayan is facing court accused of killing her husband. It is alleged she believed her husband was having an affair. Narayan's defense has told the jury she had been subjected to 20 years of physical and emotional abuse. She has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Sansom told the court yesturday that she did not remember the consultation with Narayan.

Apart from the tragedy of what happened to the man - who suffered burns to 75 per cent of his body and died in hospital several weeks later - and the inevitable consequences for Narayan, one cannot help but wonder - why did this tarot card reader not see what might happen in the cards??? How interesting it would be to listen to that cd of her consultation!

Perhaps a timely reminder of the importance of those who give readings to understand the potential dangers involved.


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Tarot Card Reader's Candle used to kill Empty Re: Tarot Card Reader's Candle used to kill

Post by Admin Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:25 am

Yes Lis and one would love to hear a transcript of the reading.

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