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Mediums failing to turn up for a meeting

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Mediums failing to turn up for a meeting  Empty Mediums failing to turn up for a meeting

Post by earthterian Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:21 am

Mediums failing to turn up for a meeting is an ongoing problem however it is one of the hazards of running a church or centre. The booking secretary has a thankless job and gets it from both sides often having to cancel a medium at the behest of the congregation and the medium cancelled will often take it as a personal slight and this is not so a booking secretary is simply the cog in a wheel and should not be viewed in isolation. I feel for churches who do not have their own mediums due to circumstances beyond their control however I have no sympathy for lay people setting up centres and venues for simple gain. These people have little fortitude and business augment and deserve all they get, they do not even have the sense to set up an insurance to cover both parties.
At Dunfermline Ask we book mediums well in advance, we contact the medium about ten days before the booking due to the fact we advertise in a weekly paper and it has to be in on time. Even then we can get caught out and it usually is unforeseen these things happen and to give us peace of mind, we always have plan B in operation with one of our own mediums attending even then this can fail if our own mediums are caught out themselves however in this case I will do the service myself. Mediums booked will sometimes not be able to attend and this may be unforeseen however they should contact the Church ASAP with the reasons for no being able to attend failure to do so is not an option .L&L Jock

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