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An Updated Link Sites about Research History & Philosophy

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An Updated Link Sites about Research History & Philosophy Empty An Updated Link Sites about Research History & Philosophy

Post by Admin Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:05 am

Hi All,

If you want to find out more about Spiritualism, check claims against reality, research to write blogs, or articles,  or just browse these are crucial for you.

First Foremost in every way http://iapsop.com/ this is a must and I mean every section the work Lis and I's friend Marc Demarest and his fellow researchers has done is exceptional. You need to visit every area and learn how to search
http://iapsop.com/ssoc/ a phenomenal list of available books
http://iapsop.com/archive/materials/ They are still finiding more and more essential for historians and anyone who wants to understand where Spiritualism Came from
http://iapsop.com/lessons/ A vatriety of teaching materials from the past
http://iapsop.com/ephemera/ Almost impossible to pass this by try this  
http://iapsop.com/ephemera/ the original Spirit History site once taken down it was one of the drivers to get this forum up and running.

Next in order of importance https://archive.org/  for example; if you click on the following link where I have put a query in there are all the books on Spiritualism https://archive.org/search.php?query=Spiritualism
There is a positive aspect to this site you can, if you sign up, borrow books on line which makes newer and copyrighted materials available.

Some material on Spiritualism from The Society of Psychical Research Files is grouped together on Archive.Org

Then some recent gains Psychic News all the old style newspapers are available 1932-2010 well worth a look https://digitalcollections.lib.umanitoba.ca/islandora/object/uofm%3A2939726  of course if you search it by warwood then Lis and I pop up  https://digitalcollections.lib.umanitoba.ca/islandora/search/warwood?type=edismax&cp=uofm%3A2939726 each of us was writing at least 6 articles a year from 2008. To get the back editions, since it restarted in monthly magazine format, you have to subscribe to the magazine.

Now thanks to the Spiritual truth Foundation
The American Spiritualist Newspaper Psychic Observer (a notable feature the huge number of Spiritualist Churches in the USA circa 1940, the USA’s NSAC is now down to less churches in the USA than the SNU has in the UK although some USA groups still have Summer Camps at special sites)  The STF's archives are not searchable and the entire run of Psychic Observer is not available.

There is also a link to the Noahs Ark Society Newsletter Archive, a society dedicated to Physical Mediumship which died in 2004.  (the link to the Noahs Ark Society is https://noahsarksocietyarchive.org/?fbclid=IwAR3N6es2pIub0CDI2RhKj1XGN8iWmunrVKRyEQr7StB6e2yQSkvCkF9g5AA I am unconvinced by many claims on physical mediumship and the articles tend to reflect more the beliefs of the writers than the evidential truth. Lis and I had a lot of contact with its last President George Cranley who posted as Zerdini on this forum.

http://www.sgny.org/    The Spiritist group of New York, go to ebooks to look at all the books by Allen Kardec  and many more from this closely related organization.

http://www.allan-kardec.org/   pretty obvious the Allan Kardec Site

http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/moagrp/ Making Of America Books, needs some hunting but includes some rare material. I found it when trying to establish the formal date for the use of the term Modern Spiritualism seeking a work published by Uriah Clarke in 1863 called "Plain Guide To Spiritualism" which is on this site and fascinating to see as it was 15 years after the Hydesville rappings.  A good example is the Andrew Jackson Davies material they have try this entire link.

http://cornerstone.wwwhubs.com/ntbooklist.htm  E books to read on line I found including the works of Emma Wheeler Wilcox,  Ralph Waldo Trine and Ralph Waldo Emerson This is the New Thought Movement that was very influential and often ran in harmony with Spiritualism.

http://www.spirithistory.com/   You need to go to IAPSOP for this now http://iapsop.com/spirithistory/  This is a fascinating site, well researched by a non spiritualist, including much rare information and some unique source material.

http://survivalebooks. org/  Really Good material which includes the Minnie Harrison video narrated by her son Tom called Visitors from the other side. Sadly this site has died here are some details about the man behind it https://idigitalmedium.com/unsung-heroes-david-duffield-survivalebooks/

http://www.spiritwritings.com/library.html  Another brilliant site with fascinating materials.  Sadly this site is now defunct

http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks03/0301051.txt  Project Gutenberg has some to offer here is the History of Spiritualism Vol 1 by Conan Doyle.

http://meilach.com/spiritual/spiritual.html   An individual who has some materials up from Silver Birch, Ramadahn & White Eagle

http://www.survivalafterdeath.info/library.htm  For those who haven’t found it the International Survivalist Society web site has a book page. The entire site is well worth a browse with some great material about various figures from the past. I have changed teh web link teh new one works

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewAgeBooksofTruthandInspiration/  I found this many years ago (and I mean many) Robert (Bob) Bayer  became  firm friends before 2000. He is a Faithist following teh teachings of OAHSPE apparently wriiten by automatic writing over a 48 hour period by Dr. John Ballou Newbrough. By a long way this not a Spiritualist group but Bob Bayer, who ran the group  had a mission in life to rescue as many out of print Spiritual Books as he can to digitise them and may well have been the first to do this and has did an amazing job. There are many true Treasures of Spiritualism here but the site has now moved onto issu and its focus is OAHSPE Faithist and Elohim the new link is https://issuu.com/robertbayer all the old books are there. Just for interest never mention reincarnation to a Faithist they regard it as a total eveil every person born has a newly differentiated part of spirit and possesion by a Spirit who has already lived is blasphemous and evil.

http://www.leslieflint.com/    I suspect many do not realize they can listen to his recordings here as well as learn more about Leslie

http://www.library.rochester.edu/index.cfm?page=1096 this is interesting material about the Post family involved in Spiritualism (friends of the Fox's) anti slavery and feminism

Cora L.V. Richmond's work can be found and downloaded at this site, just walk round some of the rubbish that the person controlling this seems intent upon putting up. It includes her books and some of her trance addresses Cora is a very important person from the past.
https://interfarfacing.com/  you can also try this http://iapsop.com/ssoc/1895__barrett___life_work_of_mrs_cora_l_v_richmond.pdf

http://www.ehbritten.org/  Self evident title important work her by Marc demarest worth also subscribing to http://ehbritten.blogspot.com/ his Chasing Down Emma Blog well worth reading

http://www.harvestfields.ca/ebook/001.htm various inc Ethel Post Parrish & Davenport Brothers MAY NO LONGER BE SAFE

Of course add some poetry and thoughts from one of my favourite early figures Ella Wheeler Willcox

General Subjects Survival /NDE etc


Resources on evp/itc
https://evp-itcresearch.weebly.com/ Study and paper on radio sweep


After Death communications

Pre Birth Experiences

Reincarnation research

General philosophy religion v atheist

Information on world religions


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