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‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off'

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‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off' Empty ‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off'

Post by Michael Wills Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:18 am

An interesting letter in the current Psychic News (re-printed with their kind permission) about newcomers to Spiritualist Churches. I have been attending Spiritualist Chirches for over 50 years-my parents were Spiritualists. At my age and with my experience of the Spiritualism, I still do not want to run a church or even feel competant enough to :
‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off'
IN 30th January issue, Minister Judith Seaman states, “It is important that church members realise they are part of a bigger organisation.” Additionally, she comments that “the Council also expressed its concern at the poor standard of philosophy on church platforms.” I made comment on this myself in a previous letter to PN; the area of philosophy needs to be addressed in the teaching at Stansted. Other comments from Minister Seaman included suggestions to churches to have someone to greet visitors! This should not even have to be suggested, it should always happen. Particularly important should be a welcoming smile and warm greeting to newcomers. Sadly, in my own experience
and in comments heard from other spiritual people, churches which hold a spiritual atmosphere and beautiful energy are few and far between. There are far too many people on horrible ego trips, either as mediums or committee members. They still don’t get it: if it wasn’t for spirit, they would not be there. For people like myself who have a strong spiritual background, not through Spiritualist churches but by direct spirit teaching and years of experience, it’s like water off a duck’s back. To people like letter writers N. Hargreaves and R. Miles (both 30th January),
how sad for them to find such a lack of spiritual unity in the churches they visited (I am not presuming that they are necessarily
new to Spiritualism). People wonder why congregations decline! I myself have witnessed crisp crunching, baby feeding, and the popping-out-for-a-fag-brigade at an open circle. Indeed, I became so disgusted by the lack of control, and the lack of control in the working circle itself, that I too left, never to return again to such a mockery of a spiritual situation. I just throw up my arms and say to spirit, “This is a load of
rubbish.” What the SNU needs is a handful of ‘flies on the wall’ t many of the churches; what an eye-opener that would be. Something else which needs urgently to be addressed is the flux of wannabees who have been in the movement but a moment, yet want to be on a committee and run the show themselves; get on the platform and chair a service, with little experience, or run circles with absolutely no spiritual or professional capability. It is lovely that people are interested in coming into Spiritualism; however, every facet of
t takes a long time to learn. Speaking of learning, it never stops, and anything worth knowing does not come quickly. Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off. The power of spirit should not be trifled with. To the letter writers N. Hargreaves and R. Miles: I hope
very much that you will find a spiritual centre or church that is comfortable for you.
Paula Vickers,
South Yorkshire

Michael Wills

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‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off' Empty Re: ‘Those who rush to stand on a pedestal will be wobbled off'

Post by hiorta Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:35 am

We get the level of Spirit contact that we earn and can attract.
Does this suggest that the calibre of todays' individual is more shallow in Life understanding than formerly? It certainly reflects the material conditions that our newbies were raised in, in contrast to those of the war years.
The SNU have long ceased to be exemplars of the former standards, but evolution does not follow fault lines.

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