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BBC 3 I Believe in Ghosts

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BBC 3 I Believe in Ghosts Empty BBC 3 I Believe in Ghosts

Post by Admin Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:21 pm

Hi all this was on in teh UK Jan 19th anyone in teh UK can watch it here.


Critical Reports Please

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BBC 3 I Believe in Ghosts Empty Re: BBC 3 I Believe in Ghosts

Post by obiwan Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:35 am

Yes. It was an odd programme and Joe is quite engaging. As usual it didn't really address anything in detail and overall felt neutral. There was an interesting short clip of a sitting with a medium who seemed to get a few things correct but I got the impression she knew Joe's grandma who was also present which spoilt it rather though Joe was impressed (this didn't seem hard to achieve). There was a clip from a spiritualist church which looked very swanky but the medium, who was 17, didn't give evidence which I would have called particularly remarkable (the usual waffle, cancer, stomach area or oesophagus, mother-figure etc etc and I formed they view that he knew the recipient (I may be totally wrong though). The information he gave was not validated by the recipient (not the medium's fault) but it really left things in the air. The rest of it was visits to haunted this that and the other, and a short interview with some limp sceptical professor who gave possibly the weakest rebuttal I have ever seen.


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