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Shaman Heap Big Sham Empty Shaman Heap Big Sham

Post by Admin Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:28 am

Interesting story from Australia

Probably anyone in Australia should note the passage

A Supreme Court judge yesterday gave the green light to Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson to name Shalom in a report to State Parliament, effectively as a warning to the public.

Ms Wilson said the State Government had promised to introduced a "negative licensing scheme" that will allow action to be taken against unlicensed faith healers, psychics and spiritualists who breach a code of conduct.

"I have concerns about some unregistered practitioners who do not behave ethically, who exploit their patients, and who do not understand the terrible harm they can do to emotionally vulnerable patients," she said.

This is being mirrored by reports in the South Australian Press where problems in the "holistic" medicine area are becoming big news. It would not suprise me to see an attempt to force licensing and Certification....Interesting thought.

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