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Codex Sinaiticus

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Codex Sinaiticus Empty Codex Sinaiticus

Post by hiorta Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:57 pm

The 'oldest' bible has been placed online for independent study.
There are many additions, omissions and alterations, some carried out 800 years later, of material that is not to be found in todays 'word of the Christian God' books, including the absence of the 'resurrection of a Jesus' on which Christianity is founded.
The more time that passes, the more clearly obvious Arthur Findlay's considered opinion that 'Christianity is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon humankind' becomes.

There seem also to be a series of moves to subtly downgrade the 'Word of the Christian God' to 'an inspirational text'


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Codex Sinaiticus Empty Re: Codex Sinaiticus

Post by Admin Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:49 am

Good points Hiorta, when even deeply committed religous historians regularly now write outlining teh shortcomings in the "official" histories one has to wonder how they can hold on to so many factually incorrect "truths" to justify the position of the orthodox Christian Church. Then we have the born again creationists who deny the proof of science while accepting all the errors of history in the Bible.

Findlay's Rock of Truth is a very worthwhile read

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