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Post by scorpio53 Sun May 04, 2008 7:48 am

In all things there must be balance!

If you take away any part of anything,
you do not have the whole of it, do you?
If you take away the trunk of a tree, what will become of all the
beautiful foliage? What will be left to benefit us? Once you've removed
the trunk and the top, all that will be left are roots that spread
under our feet, but do us no good at all.
We Natives speak of
balance, being centered in our world and our lives. This means with all
things, does it not? We understand that if you take something, you must
give something back. By the same token, we also believe that if we give
something, we are not to be so humble as not to accept a gift given to
us. If we permit ourselves to feel the joy of giving to others, we are
not to deprive someone else of this same joy, by refusing out of
We also believe
that if you only take, take, take, there will be nothing left after
awhile, so then what will you do? We must always give something to
replace what we have taken. It may not be exactly the same thing you
recieved, but it can be something that is considered just as valuable
or necessary to the one you're giving to. Balance is the key!As
the Owl is the exact opposite of the Hawk, Night is opposite of Day,
Wrong is opposite of Right, Hate is opposite of Love, we have all of
these things in our lives in order to learn how to deal with them and
how to appreciate the positive things in life.
If we remove that which
is offensive to one person to appease only them, then we will end up
having removed far too much that might have been necessary for someone
else to learn life's lessons. In order to appreciate the feeling of
relief, we must suffer. We would have no reason to think for ourselves.
We would not grow personally nor in our society. If we close ourselves
off to one way of thinking because we may not have been raised that
way, then we leave no room for GOD, the Spirit, to come into our lives
and our minds to help us to learn from and understand these things
which make us feel uncomfortable.Many
people may not agree with what I have written here, as is their right,
but others may benefit from it, so it is right for them at this time.
Perhaps if you disagree with any of this, you might want to look at it
from a different perspective or another time and reconsider it, before
dismissing it. No matter what your decision, you will have grown for
the experience. Otherwise, you may ignore what you see here and leave
it alone. This is true of anything else you encounter.
Take what is good for you and keep it, then throw the rest away. Some things are not
all Bad and not all things are Good for everyone.
We must all make
our own decisions. It would be good to make educated decisions and keep
our hearts and minds open to new and positive experiences. "O sda, Ho wa!"...It is good, Yes!



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