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My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

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My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley Empty My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

Post by Admin Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:14 pm

Lis passed this accross to me as ver with Material such as this it could only come from the Z Files...thanks again Zerdini

My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

Prior to moving to Cardiff, South Wales, I had the opportunity to attend a mass public demonstration of the independent direct voice, held at the Kingsway Hall, London. Demonstrating this type of phenomena before a large gathering in a public hail was completely new and was somewhat in the nature of an

Previously, the direct voice had always been held in private circumstances with usually only a dozen or so people present. The idea on this occasion was to construct a soundproof and lightproof cabinet, placed in full view of the audience. Instead of the séance being held in total darkness, normally essential in the case of direct voice, the house lights would remain on. The medium would then be isolated in the cabinet during the meeting.

Immediately outside and in front of the cabinet, three microphones were placed to pick up the voices emanating from within the soundproof wall of the cabinet. The sound system was arranged, checked and tested by qualified technicians on the staff of the Kingsway Hall. I understood that during testing of the equipment, they had turned the amplifier up to its capacity and with a colleague inside the cabinet, shouting at the top of his voice, failed to pick up hardly a sound.

The medium for this demonstration was Mr. Leslie Flint, a specialist in direct voice phenomena. The hall was packed to capacity for this first ever public demonstration. Leslie entered the cabinet, where he would remain for about the next two hours. He once told me that he suffered from claustrophobia and I can imagine that he must have found the confined space something of an ordeal.
The Chairman, the Rev. C. Drayton Thomas was a man of considerable experience in physical mediumship. He gave a short talk on the modus operandi then handed the meeting, as he put it, ‘over to the spirit world.’

There was a hushed and expectant silence throughout the hail waiting for the first sign of sound through the loudspeakers.

Suddenly, the first voice broke through the silence. “Cor, what a lot of people.” The voice was that of ‘Mickey,’ Leslie Flint’s spirit guide.

Mickey was a London cockney newspaper boy when on earth and acted as a kind of master of ceremonies by introducing the various spirits wishing to communicate. It was obvious that Mickey was something of a comedian, for he had the audience in raptures, his humorous and down-to-earth chatter setting the scene for the first communicator.

“There is a lady here who wishes to speak to you all. She says her name is EllenTerry.” A gasp of excitement rose from the audience as a powerful voice, cultured in tone, proceeded to give a discourse about the fear of death and the philosophy of survival. My mother had known Ellen Terry, she was a well known actress. As the voice began to speak, my mother turned to me and said “I knew that voice well, it belongs only to Ellen Terry, it’s uncanny.”

Several others communicated and appeared to be identified by people in the hail. The spontaneous reaction to the spirit communicators was evident by all those receiving the voice messages.

However, the drama of the evening came toward the end of the séance. Mickey had been busy bringing through one person after another, enjoying the odd joke with certain members of the audience. Then he
became very serious. “1 have someone here now who has only been on our side of life for a few hours. He is telling me that he is the policeman who was shot last night.” Murmurs rippled through the hail.

That same morning, the national press had reported the murder of a P.C. Edgar, who lived in Finchley, London. Yet here, one day later, in the Kingsway Hall, he was purporting to communicate from the spirit world. Mickey continued. “He is asking for someone named Florrie, you’re up in the gallery somewhere. Will you please speak to him, it will help him get through to you.”

A shout from the gallery was immediate. “I’m Florrie, I’m his sister.”

Only a heavy breathing at first could be heard from the loudspeakers, then a few words, gasped out in desperation. The voice was quite weak and one had to listen intently as the voice attempted to convey a message to his sister.

“The man they are looking for is in a Hastings boarding house, the gun is hidden under the mattress in his room.” The policeman had great difficulty in sustaining communication and the voice faded completely. Mickey intervened to explain that a spirit which had passed only a few hours before, especially in these circumstances, needed time to adjust to the new dimension and therefore it was extremely unlikely they would be able to communicate effectively.

Mickey brought the proceedings to a close because the ‘power’ had all been used up. He ended by telling the audience that they were responsible personally for their actions, but that redemption was open to every soul by their own efforts.

During the singing of a final hymn, two assistants entered the cabinet to help a very tired Leslie Flint from his confined space, which he had endured for the past two hours.

The experiment, the first of its kind, had been a success.

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My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley Empty Re: My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

Post by zerdini Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:55 am

As a follow-up I also found this:

In April 1948 Donald George Thomas was tried at the Old Bailey for the murder of PC Nathaniel Edgar. He was found guilty and sentenced todeath but this was later commuted to life imprisonment.

Police Constable Nathaniel Edgar was only 33 when he was murdered by Donald George Thomas on 13 February 1948. PC Edgar was investigating a spate of burglaries and was questioning a suspect when he was shot three times. Donald George Thomas was trying to cover his tracks.

Psychic News may have more information about that particular public seance.



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My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley Empty Re: My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

Post by zerdini Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:58 am

it could only come from the Z Files

Very witty Jim. Laughing Laughing



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My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley Empty Re: My Experience With Leslie Flint by Alan Crossley

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