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Independent Spiritualist Association Empty Independent Spiritualist Association

Post by Admin Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:16 pm

Hi All,

Wandering about I found this site http://www.theisa.org.uk/
This is the organisation which seems to have been behind the Spiritual News which tried to launch last year. Looking at it you will find that it clearly crosses over the straight Spiritualist Boundary. More concerningly if you click the link Letter From the Editor "For Entertainment Purposes" you will come to a page featuring a "New Video" with no comments. When I opened it the below video came up, watching the footage worries me immensely, not only is the man's history wrong (and incomplete) but the information is biased to suggest all we do is a fraud (especially the opening two minutes). Hard to see the value of this on a Spiritualist site without some codifying the purpose. Yes there are folks out there who wish to prove it all fraud and bunkum in an entertaining way.


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