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merry??? Empty merry???

Post by mac Fri Dec 17, 2021 9:57 am

I don't know if anyone visits here nowadays but if they do then I wish them a (p.c.) healthy, safe holiday season - Merry Christmas if you celebrate that way - and a healthy new year.

Interest in the websites I use is as low as I've ever seen it; interest in Spiritualism on them at an even lower level.

I guess what little interest there is gets expressed in the Facebook pages where folk post a few words and then disappear, conversations/discussions too much a faff even for those who are serious about the subject - been there, done that, ain't doin' it no more.  Crying or Very sad

Using the Zoom platform during this pandemic I've seen more mediumship and been in contact with more Spiritualists than I have in decades.  Sometimes it's been wonderfully uplifting - sometimes.

Now with churches presently back to near-normal operation (Omicron restrictions may be about to hit) Zoom isn't used as much and despite its limitations it's been a life-saver for some individuals and probably a life-saver for many churches.

Let's all hope for a much-less-bad year in 2022 and put 2020 and 2021 to the back of our memory.



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