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Post by mac Fri Dec 17, 2021 9:57 am

I don't know if anyone visits here nowadays but if they do then I wish them a (p.c.) healthy, safe holiday season - Merry Christmas if you celebrate that way - and a healthy new year.

Interest in the websites I use is as low as I've ever seen it; interest in Spiritualism on them at an even lower level.

I guess what little interest there is gets expressed in the Facebook pages where folk post a few words and then disappear, conversations/discussions too much a faff even for those who are serious about the subject - been there, done that, ain't doin' it no more.  Crying or Very sad

Using the Zoom platform during this pandemic I've seen more mediumship and been in contact with more Spiritualists than I have in decades.  Sometimes it's been wonderfully uplifting - sometimes.

Now with churches presently back to near-normal operation (Omicron restrictions may be about to hit) Zoom isn't used as much and despite its limitations it's been a life-saver for some individuals and probably a life-saver for many churches.

Let's all hope for a much-less-bad year in 2022 and put 2020 and 2021 to the back of our memory.



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merry??? Empty Re: merry???

Post by Admin Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:35 pm

Sorry I missed this one Mac I think the apalling Ashes Series teh sudden onset of the Omichron Virus here with massive uptick in cases after having been virtually Virus free in SA all Pandemic took my eye off the ball. I hope that your Christmas went well. Happy New Year. I am going to try to get more up on here and on my blog through next year. A very interesting story is about to appear which will generate a lot of interest I am sure given the person concerned. Lis was researching one story which she needs to get finished when this one took priority.


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Post by mac Mon Jan 24, 2022 1:34 am

I'd given up on anyone ever seeing my message, Jim! I followed aghast the disastrous England defeat in The Ashes. Man are we a bunch of losers alright! It's been a trying time in the UK with much uncertainty over what the best policy is, too few being triple vaccinated, 5 million not having any vaccinations at all and a desperate desire not to lock down our miniscule country again while remaining as risk-reduced as possible.

We're in Arizona, USA, now where things ain't any better, medical facilities and staff overwhelmed as they were in the UK, a shortage of trucks and drivers, slowness in the supply line for just about everything imported from China and roaring inflation, higher even than in the UK! Jeez what a crap couple of years it has been since we were last here winter 2019/2020!

We spent Christmas in Longleat Safari Park Caravan Club campground with perhaps a dozen other rigs. Mild and damp for the 5 days we were away so we were able to easily visit our daughter and partner and his mum and dad, all of them just 30 minutes away from one another and from us in our little caravan. It was so mild we even played darts outside in their garage on Boxing Day!

I shall look forward to whatever news about whomever as there is little enough going on up here on top of the world. I continue to act as caretaker on afterlifeforums.com but activity there and elsewhere that I'm a regular is at a distinctly and depressingly low ebb.

Best wishes to you, Lis and your family as we sail forth into yet more uncharted waters in 2022.


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merry??? Empty Re: merry???

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