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Post by mac on Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:54 am

This past few weeks I've made more contact with Modern Spiritualism than I've made in a lot of years.  

The reasons are twofold.  Firstly in autumn 2019 I became an Independent Member of the SNU and have taken part in local SNU meetings remotely online.  Additionally I've recently joined with local Spiritualist church members in their church's meetings and again I've done it courtesy of the Zoom platform.  

It's been refreshing to hear folk 'speaking my language' in connection with mediumship and our connection to spirit.  It shouldn't feel that way because I've been 'in the spooks' for three and a half decades, half my life, but I spend most of my time elsewhere online effectively 'speaking others' language'.

Although what I do involves 'speaking' about survival and associated spiritual issues I have to tailor my words for individuals to whom 'spirit' and 'mediumship' often mean very different things. Some talk about spiritualism but don't know about Spiritualism.  Many speak about mediumship but actually mean psychic reading, channelling or something else.  The few I encounter who know anything about Modern Spiritualism know mainly about the American variant and may not even be Spiritualists themselves.  

It's often a curious mish-mash of ideas, beliefs and misconceptions I'm facing but such places are the only ones I know about where I can engage at all with others on a subject that's dear to me - even when many of those I 'meet' have a very different approach.

This is one of only two websites I know about that has a Spiritualism focus but even here there's little activity or interest shown.  I hope that doesn't sound like grumbling because really I'm just making observations and expressing my thoughts.

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