New Ruling Bans Psychic Surgery

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New Ruling Bans Psychic Surgery

Post by Slatewriter on Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:12 am

Article taken from facebook page "Mediumship without the Skulduggery"

'Don't go under the spirit knife!'
New ruling bans Psychic Surgery.

After recent concerns with public demonstrations of 'psychic surgery', the Spiritualists' National Union have issued a statement this week.

But do they know what psychic surgery actually is?
There seems to be some confusion.
Is it the 'laying on of hands' for the transfer of healing energy - or is there a real chance that your tumour can be removed by a healing medium?

The SNU have their own definition, as published in their September 2018 edition of SNU Today, under the heading,


The SNU have responded to enquiries from some of its churches and other venues about hosting public demonstrations of psychic surgery.

In a statement which points out they have “a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of the public” and “to protect those who come through the doors of our churches” their new ruling goes on to say that,

“Psychic surgery is not permissible in SNU Churches or practisable by its healing mediums.”

According to their code of conduct “psychic surgery does not come within the definition of Spiritualist healing” and is therefore forbidden.

Spiritualist healing is defined by the SNU as, “the transference of healing energies from the world of spirit to the patient by the laying-on of hands or at a distance”.

The new ruling goes on to state that the SNU cannot support “such an exotic form of healing as psychic surgery” since it “has potentially grave medical risks attached to it” including, “the attendant risk, however small, of hepatitis B.”

The SNU go on to warn its members and churches “that it cannot expose members of the public to any healing activity that involves the potential or actual use of an instrument or making of any incision in the body, whether physical or purportedly spiritual”. This includes,“the removal, real or purported, of organs or other parts.”

They fear that “such unlicensed and uncontrolled activity could lead to claims for medical misfeasance and professional negligence arising from what could legally amount to bodily assault”.

The statement reminds us that “we belong to a society which has laws relating to medical treatment, assault on the person, children's and animal's rights, etc.” and that “we must ensure that healing is conducted in ways which do not infringe those laws”. “This applies equally whether the event is taking place on or away from the Church premises.”

Those needing further clarification are advised to “contact head office” where it is presumed the experts are on hand to advise.


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Re: New Ruling Bans Psychic Surgery

Post by mac on Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:40 am



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