Spiritual poem by TOMMOBEE

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Spiritual poem by TOMMOBEE

Post by TOMMOBEE on Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:29 pm


I'm 63 years old and have been married for 42 years. My wife and I have a son 35 years old and a daughter 33 years old. I've lived in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England all my life. My wife and I are members of spiritualist church in Sheffield. We have been members for 13 years.
My daughter is a spiritualist medium and serves churches in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

I write spiritual poems and philosophy, below is one of my spiritual poems I would appreciate your views on it.

Kind Regards


Weíre all travelling on a journey with
one common aim; learning lessons as
we go, please donít get left behind.

As you drive the twists and turns inevitable
breakdowns will plague your peace of mind.

Some vehicles you know are trouble-free
for a hundred thousand miles, they
just climb the hills with positive happy smiles.

Some are poorly rust buckets
that succumbs to engine grief.
If they make it through the years
itís with thankful heartfelt relief.

Trust in The Spirit World, your
loved ones are with you every day.
theyíll ride along on your
travels, come what may.

When upholstery and headlamps
need help from The Divine, you can rest
your motor in a car park one last time.
Youíll start a new adventure, old friends youíre sure to meet. In that realm itíll be spiritual roads
you ride, and your God will be in the driving seat.


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Re: Spiritual poem by TOMMOBEE

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:05 am

Thanks Tommobee I enjoyed that. Some years ago my guides tried some inspirational poems with me. My best attempt, is I believe, somewhere on this site. i had constant problems with getting the metre right.

In the end I have been too busy with work, this site, writing, being leader of a Spiritualist centre and working as a Speaker and Medium.

Best wishes and welcome.


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