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A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide

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A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide Empty A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide

Post by Admin Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:01 am

On the 24th September 2017 I asked my guide to give me a talk for that Sunday’s service. I wrote the following down, the first 3 steps were scrawled and disjointed to start proceedings and then the words that he wanted said were given. Subsequently I typed it up to check the material which was not what I expected, indeed its challenging in parts and may be subject to some disagreement. However, I was happy that the style was different to mine, although of course in communications like this my sub conscious mind can interfere (and may possibly have done so in some areas). At the time those attending asked for copies so I have published the talk here.
1 Be Ready
2. Wait
3. Open Your Mind
God is love, love for everything, and love for everyone; there are no limitations to this love and no exclusions.
God and Spirit see behind the faces of everyone into their mind and hearts.

As you live this life so will your future progress be planned to facilitate change and growth in the Spirit world. Punishment is not part of this but the process of learning is to face what you have done in life, the joy of success, the pain of failure, the impact of cruelty or hurt done either to you or by you; by word, deed or inaction.
Neither in this physical world nor in Spirit will we impose upon you.

In this life everything you have done, has involved choices. In childhood you often had choices that you made which still impact you. Limitations in life circumstances do not prevent you from exercising choices. Even if you feel that you had no other path to take, if you stop and reflect, you will realise that within yourself you made a decision to continue with something that you now feel pain from. Realising that fact may help you to understand the reasons you made that choice, once you achieve this it will enable you to move on more freely.

This part of your life, your journey in a physical life, is yours to deal with. Spirit will not step in to make changes for you. Your physical life is yours to live, Spirit is just there to be with you not tell you either what to do, or to change your circumstances in some, maybe, magical way.

Spirit is about re assuring you that your life and that of all others continues beyond death. That those you love who are in the Spirit realm can communicate to bring you comfort and love. They and your Spirit helpers, or guides, may offer guidance but the choice is yours. Spirit will never tell you to do something; if you hear that said it is not the words of Spirit; always be discerning about the source that such guidance has come from; ensure it is from the loved ones or a guide you know and recognise. Do not accept messages that feel disconnected to your loved ones or personal reality.

Messages that suggest the creation of special individuals and groups should also be discarded. Spirit loves everyone equally; God will always try to create the chance for everyone to progress, either through this life or through revisiting this life’s experiences when you return to the realms of Spirit.

The way forward always involves some form of trial because the individual has to face their life. Just because you believe you were a righteous person does not mean you treated your fellow man properly. One person’s view of righteousness may have involved an expression of life which demeaned or looked down on others. That type of life can cause as much, or more, harm to others than the act of a criminal, imagine a preacher who loudly supports white supremacy and preaches racial hate.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s hero. On your physical plane you make judgements about others in accordance with your beliefs, your social order, your governing processes, your sex, religion or colour.

God does not judge by this method when you return to Spirit. This is the start of a new learning process as you come to terms with what you did with your physical life and realise that the Spirit realms contain everyone who has made a journey in the physical world.

One journey is enough, albeit some may choose to return and revisit the physical world. The reasons may be many but never as a punishment or to put right actions in the previous world.

When you are in the Spirit realms you will find that many join together to share their experiences and use this process to grow. You will also have the pleasure of the support of those guides who supported your physical journey and those loved ones who will have started their path of growth through this process.

Remember this process that you will join when you return to Spirit. Use it to guide your life to help others whilst in the physical world. Sharing with others and growing together can help your journey and that of others whilst hatred will slow your development. Remember Spiritualism’s Principles are simple but they can be used as a foundation for action.

Always hold that everyone is loved; God would love the physical World to understand the commonality of all it peoples despite the apparent differences. Never allow a distorted vision of the World to take hold of your mind, despite what you see around you.

God is love Tao Seng

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A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide Empty Re: A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide

Post by hiorta Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:59 am

Superb, Jim. The intangible effervescent touch of Spirit dances from every word and syllable. grateful Thanks.

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A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide Empty Re: A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide

Post by Admin Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:15 pm

My guide Tao Seng is a very powerful figure Hiorta, we aer in aconstant debate about trance work but trance and an open group is not a wise way to go. I have not allowed myself to let him write through me enough I do realise.

I was shocked to find he was a real person. important in Buddhism as the creator of the concept of emjightenment in one life time, given I had chosen this name aparently at random because I refused the suggestion. in my early days in Spiritualism, that it was Confucious who was guiding me

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A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide Empty Re: A Recent Talk Given to me by my Guide

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