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Post by mac Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:08 pm

I sat typing a response to the new arrival's second message but it had been deleted before I went to add my comments. Here's what I wrote....

IamLOVE wrote:I have had a look through the site after I was made aware that my views are somehow not quite Spiritualist!

Again I apologise for not having read through properly what you'd said.  To me there's little difference between a Spiritist and a Spiritualist and I don't look up to one or down on the other.

IamLOVE wrote:I was quite sad to see how many judgements are made on others beliefs. I have always felt that Spiritualism was completely individual, without a structure that had to be rigidly followed.

Totally agree with this.

IamLOVE wrote: That everyone would have their own beliefs based on their own experiences.

Completely disagree with this.

IamLOVE wrote:I do believe in reincarnation.

I don't - I'm sure it can happen.

IamLOVE wrote:Spirit has shown me things that have proven to me that it happens. I have been friends with the pastor of a spiritualist church in USA for 7 years and she also has these beliefs and I was unaware that Spiritualists in the UK tend not to believe this. If I were to label myself based on the opinions on here I guess you would call me a Spiritist, which seems to be looked down on on here.  Sad  

On the last point I'd say you've got it wrong.

IamLOVE wrote:As a Spiritualist I strive to be completely non judgemental and accepting of everyone's individual spiritual path.

I also strive towards achieving that.....

IamLOVE wrote:We all have different experiences and different lessons. I believe in a supreme being, or God. I believe the soul continues to live and I believe we can communicate with spirit.

fundamental spiritualist philosophy

IamLOVE wrote:I also believe we live many lives, in order to grow and balance our souls energy..

This isn't Spiritualism's teaching.

IamLOVE wrote:I believe that when we pass to spirit with a balanced energy we can opt to stay in spirit. I believe that events from previous lives can leave a memory within us and can draw us to certain people or situations and I believe that we share lives with 'soulmates'.

I agree with some of that...

IamLOVE wrote:I don't attend a church

me neither Smile

IamLOVE wrote:as I do not feel the need to focus my beliefs around any set location or books. Spirit are everywhere and connect with me every day.
I'm not sure my beliefs are compatible with the views of Spiritualism on here Sad Surely all that is important is that people realise spirit are there and that we can connect with them and be guided by them.

We each have an individual approach.  I don't accept your last point but I do agree with the overall sentiment.


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