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curious? Empty curious?

Post by mac Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:45 pm

I started a new thread this morning and edited it a couple of times by adding a few additional words.  As I searched for the new title I noticed there had been 10 views with no replies.  Above in the list was a thread showing 200 views and 13 replies.  The latter's replies had been written by four contributors, us 'oldie' regulars.

If this website is genuinely being visited and if there are genuinely as many views as indicated, why on earth - I ask myself - don't we get a single posting from a non-regular contributor, a new member?  Are the subjects we occasionally discuss of no interest to anyone else, enough to bring a response?  Don't new members have anything to say about anything?  And where are the former contributors, the other 'oldies'?

Might it be the statistics are a fudge, the action of bots, perhaps intended to swell the website's apparent readership numbers?  And indicated views just those of the few thread contributors as they visit each time?  And actually nobody else viewing?

I've actually just answered my questions.  Every time I leave and return I'm logged as a view.  It was just me checking and editing all along on the my two new threads... Sad  Sad  Sad .


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curious? Empty Re: curious?

Post by ronkey3 Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:27 am

Really you didn't get any reply to your thread?


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