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Why does Greed overtake our Need?

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Why does Greed overtake our Need? Empty Why does Greed overtake our Need?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:26 am

As human beings, we all have needs. We need food, shelter, clothing; we need those basic pleasures that keep us happy. We need affection. We need love. We need friends. But why is it that we human beings don’t stop at fulfilling our need?  Why is it that we are greedy? One home is not enough, we need an extra home and then few more investments and then some more homes to build our wealth. We need money not just enough to take care of us but deposits, bank balances, investments that make our ego bloom. We need possessions. We need stuff that we can impress the world with - brands, cars, gadgets.

Not just one car and one gadget that we need but there are people who have dozens of cars. People have gadgets of which they have lost count of and worst of all, brands, brands that inflates people’s ego to make them feel that they are superior.

Why are we greedy? What is the reason?

If only we realize the truth of - Who we are? Why we are here?  What is the purpose of life? What is death? What are relationships?  If only we truly ask these questions and introspect deeply on them, we would find the answers.

We keep wanting more and more and more, but have we ever stopped to ask what will happen to this more and more after life is no more?

We are unable to be content, to be fulfilled, but have we ever thought why is it that we are so passionate that there is no end to our need? Why do we lack contentment and fulfillment? If only we can stop running and start thinking, we will get true answers and instead of trying to be happy with our greed, we will probably be content with what we need.



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