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Why Do We Worry?

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Why Do We Worry? Empty Why Do We Worry?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed May 04, 2016 5:44 am

We all worry. We are constantly stressed. Somehow or the other, we lose our peace of mind. We live in fear, and we live with concerns. Of course, there are circumstances that may cause us stress, but why do we worry? Have you ever thought about this?

If we analyze this spiritually, some truths appear. The mind is constantly shuttling between parts of the past – this happened and this should not have happened or that should not have happened. We are constantly worrying about why things happened the way they happened and then we are constantly creating our own imagination of the future that in turn cause stress. Something has not yet happened, but we are worrying about tomorrow. We are creating fearful dangers that might happen next month or next year.

Spiritually, is there a solution to this? If we actually think about why we worry, it may be helpful. This is the question that we need to ask: Is there truly something called past and is there truly something called future? If one looks at it spiritually, what is a past? It is nothing but the present – the “now” that has already happened. Therefore, the past is nothing but memories of the present when it “was” the present and the future is an imagination of the present when it will happen. However, because we are unable to stick to the present moment, we lose our peace, we worry, and we get stressed.

Further, we need to ask ourselves more questions: Should we live with memories of the present that have gone by? Should we live in the fearful imagination of the present that is going happen, or should we simply try to live with the present as it is. Spiritually, it is said that there is no past and there is no future. There is only “now”, the present moment! Therefore, if we accept the spiritual truth that there is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow, there is only now and if we can be peaceful now, then will we need to worry?



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