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How can One become Many?

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How can One become Many? Empty How can One become Many?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:06 am

This question is asked very often, “How can the one universal power be manifested in millions and billions?”

Of course, only He knows the answer, only the Supreme power knows the answer; we are incapable of comprehending this. However, the power has given us certain experiences, which can help us appreciate and understand the reality. So, what can help us appreciate and understand the reality of one multiplying into so many, manifesting into so many, or appearing as many?

Let us take the simple example of a burning candle. The candle has a flame; it has energy, it has power, and it has light. One candle can light a thousand candles, which can in turn light a million candles – yet it was just one burning candle; it was just one source of energy. How did it light a thousand and million candles, which can now give light to the whole world? Well, this is the power of multiplying and manifesting, and these things are for us to appreciate and realize.

Consider the power of the sun. We can see one sun in the sky, but if we place 20 buckets of water outdoors, the power of the sun will reflect in all the 20 buckets of water as 20 powerful reflections; these reflections are nothing but manifestations. The reflections appear as if every bucket has the sun. In reality, it is only a manifestation of the sun that appears in the buckets of water.

So, it is for us to realize the power of manifestation – how the Lord’s power manifests in the universe in everything. I believe that everything is the manifestation of the Lord!



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