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How do you truly watch a movie?

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How do you truly watch a movie? Empty How do you truly watch a movie?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:21 am

Well, different people watch movies in different ways. Most people get so engrossed in the movie that they start thinking that the movie is real. They start relating to what is happening in the movie. Instead of enjoying the movie, what do people really end up doing? People start commenting on the production, the direction, the characters, and the actors – the actor should have done this or the actors should have worn such clothes. This scene would have been better if the villain had not performed the way he did. Why did they show this? It spoilt the movie. Why did they add this song? They should have played some special music when the two actors walk on the beach in that particular scene.

People forget that they are not the producer or the director or the actors of the movie. They are just the audience, and to enjoy watching the movie, the best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy what is being presented on the screen. You have paid for the ticket, and you are a part of the show. Criticizing, commenting, and passing judgments on the movie will not enhance the entertainment that the movie will give you. Rather than making comments, why not simply enjoy the movie?

So it is with life! We are not the producers or directors of life. There is a Master – a Creator we call God who has produced and directed what is called the theatre of life. Yes, life is a drama. It is a theatre, and we keep on commenting and questioning: Why did this happen? Why did this not happen? Could this not have happened that way? Why did this happen to me? Why did he do this? Why did she do this?

Now, how does it matter? Will your questioning change anything? Nothing is going to change. The only difference from the movies is here in life, we are the actors; we can do our part and then enjoy the rest of the show.

Enjoy this drama. Enjoy the movie. Enjoy the theatre called life!



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