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Realization is like a Blooming Rose

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Realization is like a Blooming Rose Empty Realization is like a Blooming Rose

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:19 am

One who is on the path of realization must realize that realization is not like a button that simply switches on.

Realization is a process similar to the blooming of a beautiful rose. When you begin with the knowledge of realization, the bud appears. Therefore, the rose will bloom soon, but it will take time. The bud opens its petals gently and slowly, but beautifully, and its fragrance and color come to life. Similarly, realization is also a process where we bloom bit by bit – first with the knowledge of realization, then realizing the true self, and finally realizing God with our “real eyes”.

Realization doesn’t just happen with mere knowledge. It is a personal experience. It is a personal episode that makes us “feel” the truth, not just “know” the truth, and it takes time to fully bloom. Samasara, Maya, the senses, and the mind are the enemies. They try to stop this rose from blooming. They try to stop the aspirant who is on the path of realization from coming to full bloom.

Realization starts with Viragya – which is renunciation; Viveka – which is using intellect; Sat Sampathi – which is controlling the mind and the senses, giving up cravings, and living life with forbearance, faith and focus; and also Mumukshutva – which is deep love and longing for God. Through these steps, the spiritual aspirant continues the journey of blooming until one day the rose blooms and finally Nirvana is achieved.



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