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First Experience and then Realize God

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First Experience and then Realize God  Empty First Experience and then Realize God

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:08 am

For pilgrims on the path of spirituality, the realization first lies in  experiencing God, then realizing God, then again, experiencing God. What does this mean?

The first step of realizing God is to experience God. You experience God in the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the animals and the flowers. You experience God everywhere in God’s creation. You have no clue as to who has created the mountains and the oceans and so you believe that there is a divine power called God who has created all this. So, you experience God.

As soon as you start experiencing God, the answers to many questions are still missing: where is God, who is God, what is God? You go deep within to realize that God is everywhere, but then, how can God be everywhere? How many Gods? Then the thought comes with the realization that God is a divine spirit within us; the life force, the breath, the prana, the chi, the atman, the soul.

If we are fortunate to realize that we are nothing else but the divine spirit covered by this gross body, which is not going to live forever and not going to die with the body, but due to certain reasons, the ego and others, we have been forced to be a spiritual entity with a human existence - if we realize that this divine spirit is what we really are, then as we keep experiencing God in the mountains, in the trees, in the clouds and the fog, we slowly start to realize that all this is a manifestation of God.

As we continue to live in this human body till our divinity is released from this human cage, we can continue to experience God everywhere and all the time in the wind that blows, the water that flows and the sun that glows.

We can experience God because we realized God.



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