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Surrender is the way

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Surrender is the way Empty Surrender is the way

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:11 am

Several people who are on a spiritual path seeking salvation, enlightenment, Nirvana don’t realize that the attainment of it ultimately depends on the Lord’s will, that power we call God. It is His grace that finally decides whether we are able to cross over, get freedom, liberation, moksh, mukti or not. And the only way to attain this liberation is through complete surrender.

When we realize that we are the divine spirit and not this body, when we realize that this whole world is nothing but a manifestation of the Lord, when we realize that we should not be attached to the world, but seek God, realize God, realize the power within, realize the power everywhere - we start living as the spirit, the soul.

Even though  we start living as the soul we are still not enlightened, nor do we get salvation, because we are still in the body. The body belongs to the earth. It is only with the grace of God that the body finally drops and the soul unites with the over soul. Remember, this is entirely up to the grace of the Master, it’s not our will at all.

Therefore, the way to the Master, to God is through surrender - surrendering joyously to the divine will; realizing the truth that whatever happens is because of the will of God and not trying to impose our own will.

To conclude, there is only one way to nirvana, to enlightenment and that way is through surrender. Have deep devotion, deep aspiration for God and let that devotion be blessed by the grace of God, which finally takes us to the so-called heaven to become one with God.



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