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Man minus self equals God

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Man minus self equals God Empty Man minus self equals God

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:09 am

Very recently my Guru, my coach, my mentor sent me a message which I found very intriguing. He said man minus self equals God and God plus self equals man. On deeply contemplating this, I realized that man is man only because of his ego. He carries his ego in what is called an inner instrument of the mind; the intellect, the ego and the memory are referred to as Antahkarana or the inner instrument. When man removes his inner instrument, what is left is God. Unfortunately, the ego, along with the memory, the mind, and the intellect creates a situation where man believes he is he. When in reality, he is not he. He is a manifestation of God. Now, there can be another discussion on the manifestation of God and how creation came about, but the fact is that when God added the ego to the mind, what was created was man, in the form of the gross body, which is made from the five elements and goes back into the five elements. But it is for man to realize that if man annihilates his mind, memory, intellect, ego, then what is left is nothing but the divine spirit, the atman, God himself. Unfortunately, we lose sight of God because of our ego. So, we have to make a choice: ego or God? What do we want to be?



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