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What are we?

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What are we? Empty What are we?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:33 am

When you look at spirituality, you often wonder whether the jargon that is spoken about who we are, what we are, is actually true or not. But there is a simple way to analyze what we truly are. What are we? Ask yourself this question: when you see the corpse of somebody you know and love dearly, when the dead body of somebody lies in front of you, do you believe that dead body is that same person you knew? You find it hard to believe, because the person you once knew, who had life, now lies listless. It is the same face, the same skin, the same hands, legs, probably the same heart, lungs, kidney; it looks identically like the person you knew, but now that person lies still on the floor, without breathing, without talking, without action. Is this person the same person you knew? Or do you say that the person you knew has gone? He has expired. He has passed away. What exactly do you say? What does it mean, when we say that somebody is no more? It actually means that he is no more that person. If he is no more that person, then how is he that person now? In reality, we are all identified as the wrong person right through life and it is only at death that we are truly identified as the right person; the energy, the prana, the soul, the atman - that is the true identity. All through life, we  misunderstand what that person truly is, what we are, but at death we come to know what we are.



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