Pearson's Cablegraph and Wander Board

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Pearson's Cablegraph and Wander Board

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:28 am

Hi All,

In the early 1900's a Mr Pearson set out to redesign items like the Spiritoscope of Professor Hare and the dial planchette/psychograph. Being a believer in Animal Magnetism (clearly conceiving of Kilner's Human Atmosphere, the Aura, Odic forces etc) he designed it to conform with his view of the flow of that energy.

His first design was the Cablegraph

and he subsequently went on to the Wander Board

Clearly these were not a means of testing mediums like Hare's devices merely a means of communicating.

In that respect they had much to do with the type of device Allan Kardec favoured which is similar to the following one.

Once again Kardec was quickly converted to the proof of Spirit contact and was not seeking to verify teh communications.



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