Good News - Rita Goold's Mediumship in new book !

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Good News - Rita Goold's Mediumship in new book !

Post by Slatewriter on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:23 am

Dear all,

for the last year or so, I've been working with a friend and regular sitter from Rita Goold's materialisation seances...

For 20 years, Gwen Byrne held on to a revealing manuscript - which was always meant for publication.
Now, after much work, this document has finally gone to print...

In 1994, Gwen wrote of the loss of her young son in her book 'Russell'
- and her conviction that 'death is not the end' led her to visit top Mediums, including Estelle Roberts and Spirit artist, Frank Leah.
Ultimately, Gwen and her husband Alfie, became regular sitters with the Materialisation Medium, Rita Goold.
- and the story of Russell's materialised return in those energy-based sittings was shared...

Gwen spent 30 years compiling her experiences for that first book and now - 20 years on - Russell and his mother's epic journey together,
continues in her new 416 page sequel 'The Russell Connection'.

This new book also includes the stories of other parents as they search for their children in Spirit,
and there are transcripts from many trance sittings, where Russell describes his evolving work in the Spirit World.

Even more fascinating, Gwen has spent many hours transcribing her own seance recordings from those earlier Rita Goold sittings, much of which are also included...
Not only did Russell wake the Medium Rita Goold on one occasion, but Raymond Lodge regularly makes himself known, as well as Helen Duncan and others...

The work of Stewart Alexander, Tony Stockwell and many others are also highlighted, with detailed notes on various physical and trance sittings...

This new book is a testament to an entire lifetime of study - of Spiritualism, Clairaudience, Physical Mediumship and comforting the bereaved.
It is written honestly and simply, but with conviction and a passion for telling the Truth.

There is so much to learn from Gwen's 50 years of this could be considered required reading.

Details can be found on the new publishing site -
- for the pdf or paperback versions -
- or kindle, via Amazon - or Nook, via Barnes & Noble.
Copies also available through Ebay - and there's now a Russell Connection page on facebook !

Gwen is now in her twilight years, but her memory and mind are as sharp as anything...she loves to hear what people think, but is adamant that everything in her two books is absolutely she has said herself, 'why lie ?'

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Re: Good News - Rita Goold's Mediumship in new book !

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:35 am

Good to get some good news

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Re: Good News - Rita Goold's Mediumship in new book !

Post by mac on Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:24 am

Admin wrote:Good to get some good news

It's a rarity nowadays...


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Re: Good News - Rita Goold's Mediumship in new book !

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