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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Empty Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

Post by Admin Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:51 am

Hi All,

Now this device I love and I want one so if you have one tucked in your back shed or can make one let me know. Given the complaints about the quality of Mediumship we may be able to make it a redundant skill Laughing not a disappearing one.

The Communigraph was built to a design given by the Spirit World to The Ashkir-Jobson Trianion group. It is used by people linking hands, then sitting or standing around the Communigraph. No medium need be involved and the people of the Circle do not touch the machine.

"The Ashkir-Jobson Trianion Group were a guild of psychical researchers formed during the 1930s in Britain to develop apparatus to facilitate communication with spirits of the dead. The name derived from the individuals concerned: George Jobson (an engineer who first introduced the telephone into Britain), A. J. Ashdown, and B. K. Kirkby, and was associated with the mediumship of Mrs. I. E. Singleton (who became warden of the Ashkir-Jobson Trianion Guild).

Jobson, Kirkby, and Ashdown were preoccupied with the question of proving survival after death, and they formed a pact that whoever passed away would attempt to communicate with his comrades through an agreed signal—the initials "B. K. K." In 1930, within three months of the passing of Jobson, the signal was received through a medium not formerly known to the three, and thereafter instructions were communicated for the construction of instruments to facilitate spirit communication. The Ashkir-Jobson Trianion was formed as a nonprofit guild to produce apparatus, which included the Reflectograph and Communigraph. Another instrument, named the Ashkir-Jobson Vibrator, was designated to produce a continuous musical tone to create a harmonious influence at séances. The vibrator was operated by clockwork, which activated an "A" tuning fork, sending out sonorous but subdued sound vibrations, sustained for up to three hours." (thanks answers.com)

The Communigraph looks like a round table, with a square hinged glass opening at the top, to gain access to the wiring of the bulbs inside. The glass screen is covered in red plastic so the lettering and the bulbs are invisible to the sitters’ eyes. The lettering shines out in red, when the bulbs are lit by the contact being made by the counter weighted pendulum ball in the partially enclosed chamber when it connects to the brass studs; on which are the lettering on the lower circular platform, which is called the dais. There is a large chamber underneath the table top to house the components, and the mechanical working parts of the unit, the lower half being open, but it is low enough to hide under the wooden skirt the pivoted rotating arm of the counter balanced brass arm. The contact, and the ball can be seen, as can the stud lettering. The pivoted arm is extremely free working, but limited in movement, so that when the ball is rotated round the dais by Spirit until the ball is directly over the desired letter stud, it is then lowered by Spirit, to make a contact, which lights up on the top of the Communigraph. Each leg has adjusting screws on their bases to make the Communigraph level on any surface. The pivoted arm is adjusted so it is approximately a millimetre above the studs and able to rotate freely without touching the studs.

As with any device or circle the results reflect the strength of the sitter involved. This machine is described as only being as good as the sitters, the Spirit Helpers, Spirit Guides, Spirit Controls. The communigraph is only an instrument in itself just like other machines the Spirit World are known to have used to give messages.

The designers specified that to get optimal results those sitting in the seance, should be in loving peaceful harmony both with each other and in their every day lives (rules usually specified for every sitter, in every seance Circle).

The first seances with the communigraph were done in the dark, then after the link was made with Spirit and it was felt the power was strong enough, the dimmed, deep red light was used. The sitters stood around in a circle formation around the communigraph holding hands and DID NOT TOUCH the communigraph.

Apparently the complete design and the instruction of how make and use a Communigraph are in the book Meditation Oneness. The Arthur Findlay College museum in Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex, UK., di have an original Communigraph, where it had been used for occasional seances in the college. However it is reported that someone had removed the vibrating mechanism from it, which was the main part of the communigraph designed to attract the Spirit World. In this alteration it appears the machine may have become disfunctional as each Communigraph was tried and tested in a seance situation before the group who made it sold them to another person or group of enquiring people.

Conceptually this seems an eminently useful machine which I am sure many of us would like to test in Seance conditions. I would love to see one and have the opportunity to try and build a connection using one.

I will also try and dig up more on their other machines the Reflectograph and the Ashkir-Jobson Vibrator but this is not that easy.

The following is a picture of the machine in question.

Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Commun10

Cheers Jim

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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Empty Re: Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

Post by Wes Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:20 am

Going by that picture we could easily modify a weber bbq to receive messages from the spirit world while it's cooking a side of roo meat

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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Empty Re: Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

Post by epona Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:31 am

How fascinating, an electronic talking board. With the advances in electronics I bet someone could create a circuit board version with less moving parts, or different kind of moving parts that wouldn't be so laborious on spirit's part to move them.

I have heard that spirit can affect electronics easier than other things. There are groups of people that do EVP (electronic voice something) when checking out haunted areas trying to catch voices. Someone discovered that "white noise" and "pink noise" can be used as a base so entities could use those vibrations to create a voice-like sound.

I wonder if spirit would respond to electronic vibration sound in the same manner as the live tuning fork vibrations. The reason I ask is because Amazon has a few tibetal or crystal bowl CDs that one might record one note over and over as one long CD.


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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Empty Re: Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

Post by mac Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:34 pm

When someone gets all this stuff to do what's claimed, patch me into the details will you? How many devices, one wonders, have been claimed to provide communication with loved ones?

I wonder just where any actual communication really does come from - or are we again in the fantasy lands of the minds of others?

EVP? I remain to be convinced but even if it works, so what? Scratchy white noise with barely discernible overtones..... As a Modern Spiritualist I need no such nonsense anyway but were I to try to help others to understand what we do understand as Spiritualists, such devices would remain the very last way.

mac, Santa Fe, NM


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Communicating without mediums The Communigraph Empty Re: Communicating without mediums The Communigraph

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