Interesting Blogs re Houdini

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Interesting Blogs re Houdini Empty Interesting Blogs re Houdini

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:38 am

How about this find of a Houdini scrap book

One of the newspaper cuttings is Houdini's exposure of PLOA Keeler. An influential medium in the early NSAC but one with a chequered past, with several exposures so the Houdini one was nothing new. Keeler is quoted in a Mercy Cadwallader book about the pedlar's pack "found" at the Fox Cottage. In all the research and newspaper/spiritualist magazine articles historically there was never any mention of this article which appeared through the work of Keeler. To be honest many of us regard the lack of any real provenance just the sudden mention by Keeler as a major issue in its authenticity. I am steadily researching Mr Keeler, from his early days, when the Seybert Commission decided he was a fraud, onto his development in slate writing and of course that pack. His brother was Spirit Photographer of equally clouded reputation.

The same blogger also posted these excellent photo's of the Margery Materialisations


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