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First Hand Accounts of Physical Mediumship

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First Hand Accounts of Physical Mediumship Empty First Hand Accounts of Physical Mediumship

Post by Wes Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:53 pm

Would anyone like to share the most impressive example of physical mediumship that they have ever witnessed?

I'm interested in what it was like to experience it, and what happened afterwards, such as did you doubt your senses or look for a mundane explanation of what happened, or at the other end of the scale did it provide certainty and inspiration?


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First Hand Accounts of Physical Mediumship Empty Re: First Hand Accounts of Physical Mediumship

Post by Starling Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:46 pm

Hi Wes,

I went to an Experiment with Mediumship and Table tilting Evening
at Cardiff's (First) Park Grove Spiritualist Church and Centre
Halloween 2011. Carol Ellis was the PM.

Anyone was invited to place their hands on the table.

The table would spin around and stop near a person so that Carol Ellis could give evidence of Mediumship,

While I had my hands on the table it tilted, I checked the bottom of it, no wheels lol and I also tried to push it while it was still, too heavy for a person to push, also the wooden floor is so uneven, I was surprised that it moved around so easily, but it wasn't levitating, just gliding.
I couldn't help checking the table out, for my own evidence, even though I respect and trust Carol Ellis, (she was our open circle leader sometimes)

My mother who is in the photo, left hand side, white hair and gold shoes,
touched the table once, and then wanted to go home.

I wanted to stay until the end because the last time the Church had a Table Tilting, I had heard that the table went out of the door towards the Pen and Wig pub across the road.

This experience provided certainty and inspiration for me, and I would like to see it again,

and so reasonable, £3.00 each entrance fee and with the lights on!

In the photo there is an orb near Carol Ellis's back,

scroll down a bit on the site until you see the table,



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