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Remnants of a Spiritualist's Belief

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Remnants of a Spiritualist's Belief Empty Remnants of a Spiritualist's Belief

Post by Admin Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:19 pm

This piece is intereting on several levels, it brings up the work of Fred Evans famous for his psychography (slate writing), draws in the Stanford who moved to Melbourne and the work of Australian Apport Medium Charles Bailey. Additionally the Stanfords endowed the university to set up the first research department on psychic work. Not many books about Bailey but we have gathered and impressive amount of information but Fred Evans is covered in one book you can see here http://archive.org/stream/psychographymarv00owenrich#page/n5/mode/2up
To quote from the history of Stanford's Psychology Department (where William James the originator of the idea of Leonora Piper as his one white crow to prove mediumship)

"There was only one Ph.D. trained under Angell, John Edgar Coover, whose service as Fellow in Psychical Research made a very significant contribution to the department. Thomas Welton Stanford, the brother of Leland Stanford, wished to contribute to the new University, and established some funds for Psychical Research. He had developed an interest in mediumistic performances after he moved to Australia, never to return. He indicated that he would give more money if it could be shown that work was going on, and Coover was urged to publish the many studies on which he had been engaged. The result was a remarkable volume of 640 pages entitled Experiments in Psychical Research at Leland Stanford Junior University, published by the University in 1917"
The book mentioned can be seen here http://archive.org/stream/experimentsinpsy00coovuoft#page/n3/mode/2up

The interesting article is here

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