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Post by normy Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:48 am

Recently I have been arranging in order the spirit-based books I have bought over the years, and I wondered if I copied the list on here members might have some interest in them for discussion.

Alexander, Stewart: An extraordinary journey
Boddington, Harry: Materialisations
Barbanell, Maurice: Power of the Spirit
Teachings of Silver Birch
Beard, Paul: Survival of death
Besant, Annie: Thought-Forms
Borgia, Anthony: Life in the World Unseen
Bradley, Jo: From Darkness to Light
Bloom, Ursula: The Great Tomorrow
Collins, Doris: A woman of spirit
Conacher, Douglas: Chapters of experience
Cooke, Grace: The return of Arthur Conan Doyle
Cooper, Joe: The mystery of telepathy
Cornell, Tony: Investigating the paranormal
Crookes, Sir William: Researches in the phenomena of Spiritualism
Crossley, Alan E : The story of Helen Duncan
Cummins, Geraldine : Swan on a black sea
Davies, Paul: The matter myth
Desmond, Shaw: My adventures in the occult
Doyle, Arthur Conan: The History of Spiritualism (Complete)
The New Revelation and The vital Message
Edwards, Harry: A guide to the understanding and practice of spiritual healing
The healing intelligence
Elliott, Rev. Maurice: When prophets spoke
Ellison, Prof. Arthur : Science and the paranormal
Findlay, Arthur: On the edge of the etheric
Where two worlds meet
Looking back
Fontana, Prof. David: Is there an afterlife?
Life beyond death
Foy, Robin: In pursuit of physical mediumship
Witnessing the impossible
Fry, Colin: By your side
Flint, Leslie: Voices in the dark
Gooch, Stan: The Paranormal
Harris, Louie: They walked among us
Harris, Elizabeth: Spiritualism: A Way of Life
Harrison, Tom: Life after death- Living proof
Hatton, Eric: Taking up the challenge
Hayward, Geoffrey: Soul search: my journey to spiritual truth
Heagerty, N. Riley: The French Revelation
Hutt, Norman: Spirit Messages : Diary of a Doubter
Searching for Spirit
Iverson, Jeffrey: In search of the dead.( A scientific investigation of evidence)
Kardec, Allen: The Spirits’ Book
Keen, Montague et al: The SPR Scole Report
Laubscher, B.J.F. : Beyond Life’s Curtain
Lazarus, Richard: The case against death
Lester, Reginald M : In search of the hereafter
LeShan, Lawrence: The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist
Lorimer, David: Survival? Body, mind, and death
Myers, Frederic: Human personality and it’s survival of physical death
Northage, Ivy: Spiritual realisation
While I remember
Mediumship made simple
Journey beyond
Pearson, R. D. : Intelligence behind the Universe!
Price, Harry: Fifty years of psychical research
Ralphs, J.D. : Exploring the fourth dimension
Scott, Maureen: West Country medium
Stockwell, Tony: The psychic case files
Randall, Edward: Frontiers of the afterlife
Randall, Neville: Life after death
Rawlings, Dr Maurice : Beyond death’s door
Redfield, James: The Celestine prophecy: An experiential guide
Roberts, Jane: The coming of Seth
Roberts, Ursula: All about mediumship
More wisdom of Ramadahn
Roberts, Estelle: Fifty years a medium
Stemman, Roy: Spirit Communication
Solomon, Grant: Stephen Turoff, Psychic Surgeon
Solomon, Grant and Jane: The Scole Experiment
Steiner, Rudolf: Intuitive thinking as a spiritual path
Swedenborg, Emanuel: Divine Providence
The presence of other worlds
Heaven and Hell
Tabori, Paul: Harry Price, Ghost Hunter
Watson, Lyall: Supernature
The Romeo error
Webster, James: The case against reincarnation: A rational approach
Williams, Lisa: Life among the dead
Williamson, Linda: Mediums and the afterlife
Wilson, Colin: Beyond the occult: 20 years research into the paranormal


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