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Cassandra from the Daily Mirror got a Seance Shock

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Cassandra from the Daily Mirror got a Seance Shock Empty Cassandra from the Daily Mirror got a Seance Shock

Post by Admin Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:25 am

If you go here you will see a copy of the paper

From the book The Mediumship of Jack Webber written by Harry Edwards Chapter 7
(Daily Mirror)
THE following report occupied the best part of the two centre pages
of the Daily Mirror on February 28th, 1939. "Cassandra" is the penname
of a gentleman on the staff of the Daily Mirror who writes a
daily pertinent review on matters in general. He is well known for his
cryptic and biting sarcasm, and has, on numbers of occasions, given
full vent to his opposition to spiritualism.
The séance in question was held in North London at a place to which
the medium had never been before, and the people present were
complete strangers. Mr. Leon Isaacs had been asked to take infrared
photographs. The problem arose as to the means of transporting
the equipment, and since "Cassandra" had a car, he was asked to
help this way. Thus the only reason why "Cassandra" was present
was because he possessed a car.
The article was illustrated by a photograph (Plate No. 20), with the
following description beneath it "The medium in a trance, lashed to
the chair, while a table leaves the ground and books fly through the
air ... a photograph taken during the séance attended by 'Cassandra.'
The heading was "Cassandra got a surprise at Séance," and his
report, in his caustic manner, reads as follows
"I claim I can bring as much scepticism to bear on spiritualism as any
newspaper writer living, and
that's a powerful load of scepticism these days. I haven't got an open
mind on the subject--I'm a violent, prejudiced unbeliever with a
limitless ability to leer at the unknown. At least, I was till last
Saturday. And then I got a swift, sharp, ugly jolt that shook most of
my pet sneers right out of their sockets.
"Picture to yourself a small room in a typical suburban house. In one
corner a radio-gramophone. In the centre a ring of chairs. At the far
end an armchair."
"About a dozen people filed in and sat in the circle. I hope they won't
mind my saying it, but they struck me as a credulous collection that
would have brought tears of joy to a sharepusher's eyes."
"Almost everyone a genuine customer for a lovely phony gold brick."
"They sat down and the medium, a young Welsh ex-miner, was then
roped to the arm-chair. The photographer and I stood outside the
circle. The lights went out and we sailed rapidly into the unknown."
"The medium gurgled like water running out of a bath, and we
opened up with a strangled prayer."
"The circle of believers answered with 'All Hail the Power of Jesu's
Name,' and I was told that we were 'on the brink.' I thought we were
in Cockfosters, Herts, but I soon began to doubt it when trumpets
sprayed with luminous paint shot round the room like fishes in a tank.
They hovered like pike in a stream, and then swam slowly about.
"The medium snored and struggled for breath."
"Hymns, Trumpets"
"Somebody put a record on, and we were soon bellowing 'Daisy,
Daisy, give me your answer, do.' The trumpets beat time and hurled
themselves against the ceiling."
"A bell rang."
"There was considerable excited laughter, and in a slight hysteria we
sang 'There is a green hill far away,'
followed by the profane, secular virility of 'John Brown's body.'
"A tambourine with 'God is Love' written on it became highly
unreasonable, and flew up noisily round our heads.
"The rough stertorous breathing of the medium continued, and a faint
tapping sound heralded a voice speaking from one of the trumpets
that was well adrift from its moorings. A faint, childish voice said in a
voice of deep melancholy that it was 'Very, very happy.' More voices
"Water was splashed about (there was none in the room when we
started) and books took off from their shelves."
"Table moved."
"The medium remained lashed to his chair."
"A clockwork train ran across the floor."
"Suddenly a heavy table slowly left the ground. The man who was
sitting next to it said calmly 'The table's gone !' The photographer
released his flash-you see the result on the right."
"At no time did the medium move from his chair. I swear it."
"The table landed with a thump in the middle of the circle. A book that
was on it remained in position."
"I'll pledge my word that not a soul in the room touched it. It was so
heavy that it needed quite a husky fellow to lift it. I felt the weight of it
"What price cynicism ? What price heresy?"
"Don't ask me what it all means, but you can't tell me now that these
strange and rather terrifying things don't happen."
"I was there. I saw them. I went to scoff."
"But the laugh is sliding slowly round to the other side of my face."
(Signed) 'CASSANDRA.'

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Cassandra from the Daily Mirror got a Seance Shock Empty Re: Cassandra from the Daily Mirror got a Seance Shock

Post by petal34 Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:05 pm

All in fun! Kangaroos can be very dangerous.
Saw one once,swing it's tail at a child who came a little too near.
it was carrying a 'joey' in it's pouch.
Mother just grabbed the child in time.
Close call there.

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