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Infra-Red Photography and the Physical Mediums

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Infra-Red Photography and the Physical Mediums Empty Infra-Red Photography and the Physical Mediums

Post by Admin Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:35 am

Brilliant article by Paul Gaunt in this months Psypioneer. If you have not subscribed you really should: See Psypioneer Volume 8, No 5: May 2012  http://iapsop.com/psypioneer/psypioneer_v8_n5_may_2012.pdf

This is easily the best researched and most detailed exploration of key elements of the movements history available anywhere. The Psypioneer journal is at present available, complete with all back issues on the web. Sadly it discontinued publication some years ago, at the time Lis and I were too committed to take that work over and Australian resources were limited compared to those in the UK or USA.

If I have a gripe it is that this issue finishes with a piece written in the past when Anne Leah Fox Fish Underhill's book the "Missing Link" was taken as gospel about the Fox Sisters. It refers to the table rising up as the girls were taunted at dinner during the events surrounding the 1849 Rochester Demonstration. This is the only record of this occuring,arising in her book published in 1885 well after the events, when no contemprary reports recorded that this happened. The likely conclusion is that Anne Leah was embellishing history for us.

I note though that they then cross reference to their excellent January and  February 2012 pieces on Full Form Materialisation  in http://iapsop.com/psypioneer/psypioneer_v8_n2_feb_2012.pdf  Interestingly this mentions this article started in the January magazine http://iapsop.com/psypioneer/psypioneer_v8_n1_jan_2012.pdf This edition did not actually contain anything on the subjest but as a Fox Sisters Special worth reading in its own light it carries teh following quote from Kate Fox Jencken.

Those who know my atitude to Dark Seances should note the comment from Kate Fox Jencken
For my part, I have always objected to dark seances, so also has Mrs. Kane
(Margaret Fox), and I am glad to say that consequently she has for some time past refused to give dark sittings.

So they join the first National Spiritualist Association of Spiritualists in 1867, Emma Hardinge Britten and DD Home in being outspoken against Dark Seances. At least those early mediums let cameras and light flares of all types in, even burning fires and half pulled window drapes with strong moonlight. No one was hurt or danmaged in those days.

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