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New Article about Ernesto Bozzano

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New Article about Ernesto Bozzano Empty New Article about Ernesto Bozzano

Post by Admin Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:35 am

It is interesting that a new article has been written about Ernesto Bozzano,

A review of this together with some other notes can be found on Carlos S. Alvarado's Blog at

The article reffered to is at http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/full/jse-25-4.pdf

As they say very little of Boazzano's work or the commentaries upon this are translated into English, although his book Discarnate Influences was translated. Bozzano was heavily involced in teh research of the events which are contained in the book "Modern psychic mysteries, Millesimo Castle, Italy". Authors, Gwendolyn Kelley Hack, Ernesto Bozzano. Publisher, Rider, 1929. The findings of this came under attack and caused controversy causing Conan Doyle to become angry and resign from the Society of Psychical Research (of which he was a fee paying member).

The latest Journal of Scientific Exploration gives an interesting exchange between Leslie Price and the author of the New Article which draws out more details of this issue.

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