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Psychic's Caught Out Empty Psychic's Caught Out

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:06 pm

In reality when you see some of the stuff around it is no wonder we all get such a bad press.

Simon Turnbull is a self proclaimed Australian "Super Psychic"

He has found Super Psychics On Line people he accredits in some way. Remember in Australia ther is no real psychic or medium accredited training going on so you are likely to get anything from anywhere and the more exotic it sounds the better.

In some ways I believe some genuine psychic bashing and Government control may be necessary to prevent the type of damage some of them inflict on their customers. Remember some people treat teh messages as teh gospel to live their life by..."these people must know" they are psychics.

Yes some of them are and good ones and some are Mediums seperately and good ones but............


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