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J. B. Jonson Materialization Seance

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J. B. Jonson Materialization Seance Empty J. B. Jonson Materialization Seance

Post by Azur Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:10 pm

From the book: Dawn of the Awakened Mind
By John S. King, M.D. (Founder and President of the Canadian Society of Psychical Research)

The fourth séance of the series of seven, and the second J. B. Jonson séance, is the only one of the entire November series, which embraces a record of all the materializations presenting during the séance; and is likewise exceptional, in that it is the only one of any series up to date, in which the full record is reproduced in the publication; and the entire stenographic report of what each and every one presenting said; also the stenographer's description of their appearance and acts, as well as each event of sufficient interest to be described. I had several reasons for having not only a full report of everything of interest, but for making sure of its being an accurate report in every particular. I had been assured by Hypatia in Detroit, that a grand surprise would await me at this séance (November 15, 1911); and it occurred to me that if I made the record, it would not be a stenographic one, nor would I be able to concentrate my attention upon the presenting surprise; and the individual incidents connected with each and every one of the psychical phenomena under observation; and at the same time take notes or make a full report, and do justice either to myself or to the report. Further, I desired the report to be absolutely and verbally perfect, as only a stenographer's report could be; and my own would not be a stenographer's report.

Lastly I desired to place myself beyond the possibility of being to any extent chargeable with interested motives, on account of what was promised, or influenced by selfish reason, or excited by what presented itself to my senses and mind; or having my personal judgment warped, so as to influence the description I might subsequently give to others as evidential matter; and to make it obvious that I could not possibly write up the matter to suit myself, or to give color to the possibilities or probabilities, which might be presumed to harmonize with my opinions, hopes or conviction In fact my wishes were no less my soul's desire, to demonstrate a truth, for I did indeed most heartily and sincerely desire that some one, possibly a member of this select group of psychical researchers, or some one employed by the class, would make for me a true and full report of the, in this instance, séance as a whole, for me to have and to hold as evidence of what occurred outside of my own written or spoken description. I had not been at the séance many minutes, before I found that the secretary of the club or class was making a stenographic report for the class. When opportunity presented I bespoke a copy of the record, and secured the promise of it, and later obtained possession of it, and thus my wishes, my soul's desire, my true prayer for a full report--and the said report to bear the declaration, and sworn statements of the stenographer who made it, as to all the matter, including that which pertains to my guide and loved ones, as evidential records was truly answered. Those present never saw me before. I had only a few minutes previously been introduced to them as the official representative of the Canadian Society for Psychical Research, and as such was admitted as the first individual not a member, who was permitted the privilege of being present at a séance with this class of investigators, which favor is hereby acknowledged. I attach the record as embracing all the main features, and being absolutely independent of even a suggestion on my part.


The seventh meeting of the Sunflower Class was a notable one, being honored by the presence of Dr. John S. King of Toronto, Canada, who is President of the Canadian Society for Psychical Research, with a charter from the Government. This gentleman's long experience in the work, and high development, were a source of great benefit to the class, and productive of marvelously beautiful materializations most thoroughly appreciated by the Circle. We wish to thank Dr. King for his words, attesting to personal experiences so convincing as to impress more deeply on our hearts and minds the wonderful possibilities of this great work, stimulating us to strive together to the attaining of results with ever-increasing earnestness and harmonious co-operation.

The materializations recorded for this meeting are as follows:


A Mrs. Moore's son, a boy of sixteen, who has been in spirit-land for one year. This date being that of his birthday, Mrs. Moore had provided beautiful chrysanthemums to be given to each materialization in honor of the occasion. John materialized most beautifully and strong, building up in sight of all, attired in his vesture, having on earth been a member of the Trinity Choir. Seeing that his mother held a large bouquet to give to him, he entered the cabinet, dematerialized the book which he held, and returned to receive the flowers. Walking beside Mrs. Jonson, John went from one end of the circle to the other, carrying the flowers, thanking one and all for their words of greeting on this his birthday.

Returning to his mother, he told her to be patient, that it would not be long before she would be able to walk. Going to the cabinet for more strength, John returned, stopping on his way to take a flower from the case and handing it to Sister Martha, the beautiful white sister who materialized with him. Standing beside his mother, John said:

Now don't sigh, mother dear, nor be sad. It would be much worse if you could not see me at all, but had to feel that I was lying in that cold ground.

Meanwhile Sister Martha was drawing strength from the medium toward John with indescribably graceful movements of her hands.

John continued : I have to go now. Please don't feel lonely any more, will you, because I am with you?

Kissing his mother and little cousin goodbye, John retreated toward the cabinet, holding in his hand the large bouquet of chrysanthemums, and dematerialized both himself and the flowers, outside of the cabinet, in full view of the class.


Mrs. Russell's sister. This materialization is a beautiful young woman who comes each week to talk to her sister, often giving important advice. At the close of the conversation Florence dematerialized with her flower from the birthday bouquet.


This is always a beautifully strong materialization, being Mrs. Jonson's spirit guide. As is usual with her, Viola had a bright word for each member. Answering the general greeting she said gaily: I'se right here. To Mrs. Moore: Hello Auntie Moore, Told Mr. Robleto that he was too sober tonight. Accepted her birthday flower saying: Sorry Auntie Cleary is not here, a facetious remark which she seldom forgets, appearing to ignore the member's invariable presence. Going toward Mrs. Cleary, Viola held her dress in position to catch the candy which Mrs. Cleary had brought for her. Inquired about Mr. Eyster as Secretary No. 2 and instructed the secretary to put a long line for him way across the page for being absent. Standing in the middle of the floor Viola said: Now I cannot go until you all laugh and talk at once and give me a little brightness. We must have conditions, you know.

Dematerializing outside the cabinet, Viola added as she was disappearing.

Now don't all get sober the minute I quit talking.

Grey Feather, who had kept his medium outside of the cabinet with the class to show that he could bring the materialization in that way, was magnetizing some cards for members, and the sparks radiated from same in a remarkable manner.


This materialization is a most beautiful young girl of about sixteen, and is a guide of Mrs. Cleary's. She always brings brightness into the circle, and has a merry word for all. Receiving her birthday flower and thanking Mrs. Moore prettily for same, she went over to Grey Feather and held the flower under his nose, much to his disgust.


Mr. Cleary's guide. This is always a beautiful materialization of a young woman, and Mr. Cleary has received many convincing proofs of her power to assist him. Celia gracefully acknowledged an introduction to Dr. King, and walking toward the flowers, evidently admiring them, remarked that flowers gave beautiful conditions. After a private conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Cleary in the cabinet, Celia dematerialized visibly to the class.


Inez reappeared and took Grey Feather into the cabinet. Returning, Inez let each member smell her flower, remarking:

They don't smell very good, but, oh, aren't they beautiful?

Coming to Dr. King, Inez let him feel her beautiful hair. Dancing merrily toward the cabinet Inez also dematerialized visibly.


A young woman materialization who is a guide for Mrs. Russell. She says her name is Clara Navarre, and her home on earth was in Philadelphia. Also that she is in the fourth sphere and soon to progress to the fifth. That she will tell Mrs. Russell when the time of her progression comes. Asked if she wore a white veil because of the sphere in which she existed, she replied

No, we garb ourselves in white because it is symbolical of purity.


A wonderful materialization of a spirit guide of Mrs. Etta Wriedt of Detroit, and a man whose venerable and striking appearance commanded the most profound respect. Responding to Dr. King, Dr. Sharp said:

Yes, I told you I would come. I told you at Sister Wriedt's in Detroit I would be here. Yes, you may tell them who I am.

Having told Dr. King at Detroit that he would place his hand on his, Dr. King's, head, when he visited Toledo, he also fulfilled that promise, saying : I am a friend to all who are friends of the Cause. With the words: Here is your surprise, this imposing spirit dematerialized. (Fulfillment complete.)


Dr. King's high spirit guide, who alleges she is the daughter of Theon, next walked out of the cabinet into full view of all present. Words are hardly adequate to describe in a fitting manner this beautiful materialization. Tall and queenly with brilliant jewels scintillating at every movement, Hypatia was glorious to behold. She said to Dr. King

This is the rose you gave me nearly two years ago, do you remember? and here is another. This is the white ribbon and this is the blue. The conditions here tonight are glorious. How beautiful that this was all prepared ahead of time for you all. I am going now, but I will try to return. Just sit down.

Requested by Mrs. Jonson to take the birthday flower to Dr. Sharp Hypatia graciously accepted her own flower and the one for Dr. Sharp. While waiting for Hypatia to return, Dr. King spoke most beautifully of the wonderful qualities of his queenly guide, saying he had always found her the soul of loyalty and truth. That she helps his wife on the other side, making her rapid progression possible. Also told the class of Hypatia's promise to bring to him on this occasion his wife's first-born child, who passed out at birth, and who had now grown to be a beautiful young woman. When Dr. King had finished speaking, Hypatia reappeared and said:

I would do much more tonight but it takes so much power from the medium, and there are so many yet to come that it would not be right for me to do so, therefore I will bid you good night.

Bowing gracefully to all, this radiant spirit dematerialized outside the cabinet.


The promise of Hypatia was fulfilled and Dr. King saw before him his spirit daughter, who spoke beautifully as follows:

Papa, 0 Papa, I love you. I came the other evening. Yes, I am going to tell you my name. I want to be near to both you and Mamma; so they call me May Donna. The May is for Mamma and the Donna is for you. Asked to spell the name, May Donna did so distinctly. She continued:

You must never feel sad, dear papa, for you never shall be alone, so you must not feel so lonesome. You will be, oh, so happy when mamma and I take you with us. Don't forget, papa, to tell all the dear ones that I came.

May Donna accepted a flower from her father, and also took the birthday flower from Mrs. Moore, saying:

'Be sure and tell grandma that I came. Good night, papa, dear, dear papa.

With these loving words this lovely spirit dematerialized in view of the class.

(Known in the Records as May).

Beautiful and strong, and so convincingly natural as to overcome a strong man's self-control, Dr. King's wife stood materialized before him, speaking the following comforting words:

Don't cry, dear Johnnie. My dear, this life is beautiful, all brightness and joy. Oh, dear one, I love you so, and the love we feel on earth only grows stronger and more beautiful on our side.

Do just as I said about my things. It is not necessary to repeat that. About my jewels, I want them left where they are in the safety deposit vault in the bank, I don't want them given away for a very long time, then I will instruct you about what I want done with them. The single diamond, I want you as soon as you go home, to have set as a scarf pin. Be careful and watch where you take it, do you understand? and when you wear it, it will make it easier for me to come near to you.

Oh, my dear Johnnie, I wish I could stand here and talk to you, but I cannot, but as many times as I come it will give me more strength. Oh, Johnnie dear, I feel my strength going. You know I could not speak when I passed out. I want to materialize to you more often, dear Johnnie.

Being asked what pet names she called Dr. King besides Dear Johnnie, she replied by mentioning all the terms of endearment which she had been accustomed to use to her husband.

Resuming the conversation, Mrs. King said:

You were not with me when I passed out, Johnnie dear, but I could not have spoken to you if you had been there, but now, dear Johnnie, we will make up for lost time. I feel my strength leaving me, and I must say good night, my dear, dear Johnnie, I love you so much.


A beautiful materialization of a child who passed out at the age of eight years and has been in spirit world a year and a month. Asked by her mother how she ever managed to get through when there were so many great spirits there, she replied

Well, you see, mamma, they sang a little baby song and I just popped right in on it. Being told why her papa was not present, she replied, sympathetically

Oh, poor daddy. You tell daddy that I am going to help him and Chrystal is going to help him, and we will make him feel all right again. And don't feel sad so much, mamma dear, because I am, oh, so happy, and I love you and daddy more than you know that I can love you. Chrystal is going to talk to you, mamma dear, and now I must go. Please say good night to daddy for me, and good night, mamma dear. I love you so much.


Mr. Eyster's beautiful spirit guide, who always materializes with strength and power. Giving a message to be taken to Mr. Eyster, she said:

Tell the dear one to push ahead in that matter. He must get hold of that. If he has to work day and night, he must find a way, for in it lies an end to all worry for you both. I see ahead to great things for you both.

With a few words of further advice this powerful spirit dematerialized outside of the cabinet, her silver crown resting on the floor for an instant before disappearing.


This is a materialization of Mrs. Cleary's father, who is always convincingly natural to all who knew him in life, even to speaking with a rich brogue. When someone said it was Mr. Stack, he replied:

Sure it is, but I waited too long to come. Sure I am happy.

Being offered the birthday flower he took same with the pleased remark, Of course I'll take it. Mr. Stack also dematerialized visibly with his flower.


A beautiful materialization of a young girl, who is a guide for Mrs. Jonson. She seemed delighted with her birthday flower, and went from one member of the class to the other showing it, dematerializing with it in her hand.


This gentleman materialized very distinctly, and accepted his flower from his little grandchild, who was present, and kissing her good-bye, the little girl afterwards remarking that Grandpa's whiskers tickled her mouth.

17 MARY.

Mr. Robleto's beautiful guide, who by referring to certain happenings gave him positive proof that she is always with him. Sent a message of love to his family, and promised to give him proof of her presence at a future time by touching him on the head. Taking Mr. Robleto by the hands Mary led him with her to the cabinet, where, after a short conversation, she dematerialized visibly.


This materialization is the young son of Mrs. Russell. He is always a beautifully strong spirit, and talked for some time with his mother, also walking toward Dr. King for an introduction, and expressing his pleasure in meeting the gentleman.


A beautiful materialization of Mrs. Moore's sister, who stood during the materialization of Albert and admired the flowers, removing from the vase the one of her choice. She also told Mrs. Moore to be prepared for the passing out of her sister, which lies in the near future. Saying good-bye to her little niece, Minnie and Albert dematerialized almost simultaneously.

This closed one of the most beautiful and satisfactory Circles ever held by the Sunflower Class.

Nov. 15, 1911. (Sgd.) Katherine M. Eyster, SEC. State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss

Subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public in and for Lucas County, Ohio, this 18th day of November, 1911.

(Sgd.) James W. Harbaugh,
Notary Public.


Readers will, in the foregoing séance, find fulfillment of predictions made in the Detroit trumpet séances, with addition of more new evidence.

Dr. Sharp, guide of Etta Wriedt, was present as promised, materialized, placed his hand on my head, and contributed to my surprise.

Hypatia brought May and our daughter to the séance so they could both materialize and talk with me; handed to me the two roses May and I gave her, when May was in earth life, nearly two years before this, thus completing a test of her (Hypatia's) capacity, which she had promised. This is referred to at length elsewhere. She also fulfilled her promise to bring my angel daughter to materialize and talk with me.

May Donna fulfilled her promise to tell me the name the angels gave to her.

May fulfilled each promise made at Detroit. She also gave evidence that she, was with me and knew what articles were in the safety-deposit vault, which I only placed there on Friday, as I left home the next day, and no living person save myself knew what I had placed there, or when. She also gave in response to a request of a lady present, all the pet names I called her by when in our home, and did so correctly. She likewise made a request of me which no one else could comply with, the outcome of which will appear as completed and complied with, in a future chapter. JSK.

Also available at: http://www.freewebs.com/afterlife/articles/Jonson%20session.htm

The mediumship of Mr. J. B. Jonson is also featured in the books Glimpses of the Next State by Admiral Usborne Moore and Our Second American Adventure by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


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Post by zerdini Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:56 pm

I originally published the above in the Physical Mediumship thread in June 2009, Azur.

You can read it here (in two parts):



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Post by Admin Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:21 pm

I think we need to catalogue the forum somehow its getting quite large, mark you my recent failure after only two days from the original posting is probably the worst case of re posting.

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Post by obiwan Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:28 pm

Lol let he who is without sin etc..


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Post by Azur Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:05 am

I typed JB Jonson into the search engine of this site and no results came up, so posted the above. Z pointed out he originally published the article in 2009.

I remember reading it before not sure if it was here, like you said the forum is getting quite large now so might have just forgot or just experienced a senior moment Shocked Laughing


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Post by Left Behind Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:39 pm

I would love to some day see a materialization like this. Smile


Left Behind

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Post by zerdini Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:01 pm

Left Behind wrote:I would love to some day see a materialization like this. Smile


There is a lot of information on this site which might repay studying during the festive season as long as you are not too drunken Laughing


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Post by Azur Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:52 pm

zerdini wrote:
Left Behind wrote:I would love to some day see a materialization like this. Smile


There is a lot of information on this site which might repay studying during the festive season as long as you are not too drunken Laughing

Laughing Laughing Laughing


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Post by Left Behind Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:03 am

zerdini wrote:
Left Behind wrote:I would love to some day see a materialization like this. Smile


There is a lot of information on this site which might repay studying during the festive season as long as you are not too drunken Laughing

I'll have to look into it, Z.

No fear of drunkenness for me: I'm on no-alcohol orders because I take an occasional pain pill.


Left Behind

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