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Emma Hardinge Britten's 3 fifty year cycles

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Emma Hardinge Britten's 3 fifty year cycles Empty Emma Hardinge Britten's 3 fifty year cycles

Post by Admin Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:27 am

The following quotes come from EHB on her projections of teh cycles for Spiritualism. The Rosicrucians have made a further projection adding to this. It should be remembered that in teh early days many of Spiritualism's founders were equally involved in oer esoteric areas and you will find EHB fairly highly regarded in some of these.

Emma Hardinge & Rosicrucian Quote

1st Cycle - 1848-1898

Spirit communication would roll like a mighty flood across the world; it would be a period of steady growth and development.

2nd Cycle 1899-1949

It would record a decline in public effort due to lovers of sensationalism who would lower the standards that had been set up. The phenomena would displace the spirit teachings.

3rd CYCLE 1949-1999

The third cycle would see a new order arising out of the materials provided by the second cycle and Spiritualism would be organ-ically smaller, more compact, enduring and dynamic in character.

This is a quote of Emma's that seems to have not been mentioned often:

That these evolutionary changes would have Spiritualism assume a primary place as a thought-compelling system of facts, science, philosophy and above all, of religion.

The Rosicrucian's

The Aquarian age will see the blending of Religion & Science to such a degree that a religious science and a scientific religion will be formed ”each Respecting and Learning from the findings of the other”which will promote health, happiness, and enjoyment of life.

Since Aquarius is an airy, scientific and intellectual sign, it is forgone conclusion that the Religion of that Age MUST get ROOTED in REASON and able to solve the RIDDLE OF LIFE & DEATH in a manner that will satisfy both mind and the religious instinct.

These teachings show that life and consciousness continue under Laws as immutable as God, which end to raise man to increasingly Higher, Nobler and Loftier states of Spirituality.

As a concluding comment of my own the reality is that Spiritualism meets all of these requirements.


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Emma Hardinge Britten's 3 fifty year cycles Empty Re: Emma Hardinge Britten's 3 fifty year cycles

Post by zerdini Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:18 am

I completely agree, Jim, having lived through part of the second cycle and the whole of the third! Very Happy



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