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The Brain, Intelligence by George Nicol

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The Brain, Intelligence by George Nicol Empty The Brain, Intelligence by George Nicol

Post by jock Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:11 am


The Brain, Intelligence by George Nicol

I have posted these writeings by George Nicol as food for thought . Please read and comment on them. For full text click on the appropiate link Jock

The_Brain,_Intelligence_And_Consciousness_-_The_Spiritualist_View_230911.pdf (372.9

The Brain, Intelligence And Consciousness: The Spiritualist View

George Nicol


In truth, the brain has no intelligence or consciousness –

nor is the brain the seat of consciousness, thought, memory and emotion.

The brain has no more intelligence – nor does it have any more consciousness, thought, memory and emotion – than a piece of wood, a lump of metal or any other material object. Just because the brain is an incredibly complex organic machine this does not mean that it initiates and is the source of intelligence.

KB) The_Appropriate_Giving_and_Receiving_of_Thanks_and_Accreditation_230911.pdf (348.9 KB)

The Appropriate Giving and Receiving of Thanks and Accreditation

George Nicol


commonly hears of mediums being over or undervalued or of mediums receiving inappropriate thanks and accreditation; but one seldom hears of mediums being given appropriate value or of receiving appropriate thanks and accreditation. One commonly hears of mediums being placed on pedestals on which they do not belong, and one commonly hears of mediums receiving credit and thanks to which they are not entitled. One commonly hears such things not only from people who do not know better – as one would expect – but one also commonly hears such things from those who do and should know better – as one would not expect.


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