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Spiritual Healing Finding A Healer .

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Spiritual Healing Finding A Healer . Empty Spiritual Healing Finding A Healer .

Post by jock Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:02 am

.Spiritual Healing
Finding A Healer .

Certain people, we call ‘Spiritualist healers’ are able to channel spiritual healing energies to help those who are sick. Healers work with the help of spirit healing guides and spirit helpers. At Spiritualist churches and centres, throughout the country, services of healing are offered and open to the public. .

... You may help the healing process by being positively minded. Spiritualist's and many other spiritually aware people believe that thoughts are a powerful force and, therefore, positive thought can go a long way towards helping the healing energies. .

If you adopt an enthusiastic, hopeful frame of mind and expect the desired results then the healing process will often be accelerated.

Healing is administered by the simple acts such as, the laying on of hands, or the direction of thoughts from a distance [called ‘absent healing’]. Healing does not involve massage or manipulation. .

There is no charge if you go to a church; the service is given freely to any and all who ask on either his or her own behalf or any one else, where the name will be put into a ‘Healing Book’ to be read out so others can be given an opportunity to pray for the people named. .

What About Medication ? .

You should continue to consult you doctor even if you are receiving Spiritual Healing. It may be necessary for you to take certain medication and follow the doctor's advice for your particular condition. .

By receiving both medical and Spiritual Healing you will receive the best treatment from both sources. The aim of every Spiritualist Healer is to work in co-operation with the medical profession and not to replace the doctor. .

I have never heard of a doctor who did not approve of this from of healing, in fact all professional healers are aware of the benefits. .


Where To Look .

In any spiritualist church you will find someone who is qualified as a healer, so ask people there, some establishments have special times or days, or separate services just for this excellent service. .

You can also look on the official websites of the NFSH or the SNU. and Dunfermline Ask There are many spiritual healers who have set themselves up with websites but are not governed by any official body so do be careful about this.

List of our Healing Chanelers for our Healing Group at August 2011.

Derek Rough Aproved Healer.

Liz Bain Aproved Healer.

Jock McArthur Aproved Healer & Tutor.

June Stein Aproved Healer.

Marshall Reid Approved Healer.

Teresa Hughes Approved Healer.

Hazel Dorey Trainee Healer. Paula Skelton Trainee Healer

Service Standards
Available after all our divine services on the night without an appointment at 8 PM After the awareness class on Thursdays by appointment only at 8-30PM.


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