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Psychic stress not paranormal

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Psychic stress not paranormal Empty Psychic stress not paranormal

Post by Admin Tue May 31, 2011 11:35 pm

Here is a nice quirky piece which highlights a few issues of course in Aus no licence is necessary or training, I suspect the same applies in teh UK

Psychic stress not paranormal
edmontonjournal.com May 29, 2011 Comments (1)
Salem, Massachusetts is back in the news for paranormal reasons 319 years after its notorious witch trials. This time, the topic is psychics, of which there is an alleged surfeit these days thanks to a relaxation in restrictions on the number of licences the local council is willing to grant.

"It's like little ants running all over the place, trying to get a buck," was how a more experienced psychic, 75-year-old Barbara Szafranski, rather indelicately put it in an interview with a New York Times reporter who was doubtlessly over the moon to add a clipping to one of America's most legendary news files.

"Many of them are not trained," Szafranski, a former accountant, told the Times' Gretchen Ertl in reference to her rivals. "They don't understand that when you do a reading, you hold a person's life in your hands."

Many young reporters would have thought their work in Salem was done with that quote safely in the recorder, but Ertl went the extra mile and hit the jackpot when she called on Lorelei Strathopoulos. Her article explained that Strathopoulos, "formerly an exotic dancer known as Toppsey Curvey, has been doing psychic readings at her store, Crow Haven Corner, for 15 years. She thinks psychics should have years of experience to practice."

"'I want Salem to keep its wonderful quaint reputation,' said Strathopoulos, who was wearing a black tank top that read 'Sexy witch.'"


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