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Crime and separativeness

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Crime and separativeness Empty Crime and separativeness

Post by tmmw Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:05 pm

Hi all,

I took this selection from the book "Bridges", which I feel may have connections with theosophy. It is an interesting read about Crime and separativeness. I alway loved the copyright of this book.

"Bridges" by Aart Jurriaanse

Copyright: This book is dedicated to Humanity without reservation. Man's versions of the Truth should not be offered with restrictions.

Crime and separativeness, war and pacifism

Acts of crime are basically aspects of psychological disturbances,
where various forms of selfishness find expression in distorted
activities against society. It may be the product of several weaknesses,
such as lack of respect for the rights and property of others, or the
result of selfish greed for possessions, sometimes combined with a
craving for power. Some crimes also originate from deemed past
injustices, and the consequent development of anti-social attitudes.

Other crimes may be founded on political motives, and in some
instances simply on laziness. Then there are what may be called
‘emotional crimes’ -- offences which have been instigated by feelings
of frustration, grudge, hate, envy or jealousy, sometimes also combined
with a distorted spirit of adventure. But the main underlying cause of
crime, which to some extent comprises all the above considerations,
remains a deeply seated inherent selfishness, finding its expression in
the many nuances of transgression against the social establishment.

Dramatic penalties to prevent or suppress crime have consequently so
far proved relatively abortive. The only really effective way of
combating crime is that the originating causes should be removed or
treated. Future generations will therefore largely succeed in eliminating
crime by psychological approaches -- not so much by treating the
criminals, but by preventing crime through improved environmental
conditions and by more effective educational systems for the youth.

A great deal of harm is occasioned in the world by that most
reprehensible human trait commonly known as ‘separativeness’. It is
one of man’s most outstanding weaknesses, and has already been
responsible for untold misery and suffering, and for much of the
disturbed human relationships on all levels. It is this negative attitude
which so often serves as the source of a whole range of human
transgressions. Separativeness generally originates from selfish
motives, interests or opinions, which are inclined to set brother against
brother, group against group, and nation against nation. It engenders a
sense of superiority and causes conflict and destruction between
opposing interests, whether represented by individuals, groups or
nations; it may exert major influences in economic, political, scientific,
and religious fields, and has in many instances been the principal cause
of cruel and destructive wars. Separativeness emphasises the
importance of material possessions, and therefore encourages
acquisition in many of its unsavoury aspects; it also breeds hatred and
distrust between individuals and in international relationships.


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Crime and separativeness Empty Re: Crime and separativeness

Post by epona Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:29 pm

Although crime may be motivated by selfishness, I believe it is based on several layers of programming upon a split consciousness, which creates the separateness.

First you have the normal authority programming (bad girl dirty diaper, you're stupid, shut up, you can't do...., etc.) from our caretakers (parents, babysitters, teachers) when baby/toddler. Second, you have the programming that occurs as you continue to age from others (peers, bullies, politicians, doctors, newscasters, teachers, preachers, etc.) which continues throughout your life. Third you have the other programming that occurs from TV, video games, music, etc.

Splitting of the conscousness/spirit/whatever you want to label it, is not necessarily into two parts, but more of a "split-off" or splinter of yourself. A piece. This occurs whenever one is traumatized beyond a certain limit. Each person's limit is different. It may be a large events or small ones (tsunami, housefire, car wreck, death, rape, abuse, screaming parents or your cat died, fell out of a tree). Just depends on your personal temperment. This can happen from pre-birth on and can happen many times. This is why it is known that people need counseling after traumatic events (war vet, school shootings, death).

So if one has experience a trauma that has put them over the limit, one more than likely has a splinter-self in the ethers or wherever it goes. Sandra Ingerman has a book or two on it from a shamanic perspective written for non-shamanic readers that is very to the point on her experiences on helping people with these issues. I think all of us have some as we all have had some pretty hard things to deal with in life at one time or another. The mind is only trying to protect itself/us. This is why so many negative childhood experiences pop up suddenly in our memories after middle life; our brain thinks our conscious brain can now handle it.

The trouble with this is that now there is more than one of you, and each can be affected by things. If the one part of you rejects it, the other may be influenced it. Not automatically, but the potential is there. Think about music and how good or bad it can be. It has the extremely dangerous combination of rhythm/sound/words all in one nice package. TV advertisments, comedians, shows. So many messages are put across in those it is horrible hypnotize

And if one side gains more strength than the other, weird things happen at odd times. It is well known stress brings out the worst. Another avenue is alcohol, drugs. The recently publicized Muslim cabbie attack in the states is a good example. Another is just having some bad thoughts. Think I've gone off my wagon? Think again. People killing others because their preacher has taught them xxxxx (Christian and Muslim are both guilty, past and present) was an abomination, so if God doesn't like it, society approves of getting rid of it, to heck with the fact they are a person or that they have rights too. It starts with accepting that thought.

And on a similar venue....aren't we taught to not access spirit when we are mad/ill/feeling down ?


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Crime and separativeness Empty Re: Crime and separativeness

Post by kingstone Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:02 am

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Crime and separativeness Empty Re: Crime and separativeness

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