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Lily Dale Assembly

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Lily Dale Assembly  Empty Lily Dale Assembly

Post by Admin Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:41 pm

A pleasant story that revisits the early Days at Lily Dale Mew York State

A reminder that it is also worth a look at the history page on the NSAC site

The NSAC said of the Medium John Salter particularly mentioned in the first one

American clairvoyant who, for 50 years, gave remarkable demonstrations of reading sealed letters and giving names, data, and specific information on deceased people from the platform. He traveled all over the United States and attracted big audiences. In 1930, he established his right to function as a medium in Detroit, Michigan. A clergyman had him arrested for making predictions, then a statutory offense, but he won the case with costs and continued his work thereafter undisturbed. He later moved to San Francisco.


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