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Post by zerdini Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:07 pm

Seems there's no shortage of cash for the JREF!:

Extract from his latest newsletter:
Lastly, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who made our Season of Reason campaign a success at the end of 2010! We surpassed our $100,000 fundraising goal and went on to raise nearly $160,000 in small donations. And I am happy to say that the entire amount was matched by a generous anonymous donor. We can not do what we do without your support, and I was so heartened to see how many people came forward at the end of last year to get involved helping expand with my life's work. Sincerely friends, THANK YOU.
Warmly, James Randi

Million Dollar Changes
Today, the JREF is announcing a change to Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge rules. Before this change, applicants were required to submit press clippings or an affidavit from an academic along with their application. Now, applicants who cannot provide that documentation have a new option: submitting a public video that demonstrates their claimed paranormal ability. The JREF will use these videos to choose additional applicants for testing. This option gives applicants an easier standard to meet, and allows the JREF to use online video and social media to reach an even wider audience with the Challenge. The new rules and a new application that makes it easier to apply will be available on our website early next week. We'll also be making Million Dollar "checks" with information about the challenge available to grassroots skeptics groups, and asking for your help in challenging paranormal frauds in your area.


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