Do you believe in Life After Death,Alan Power. M.A.

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Do you believe in Life After Death,Alan Power. M.A.

Post by jock on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:43 pm

Do you believe in Life After Death, and would you ‘speak out’ for those beliefs?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then…..

You now have the opportunity to do so.

Perhaps at this point a brief explanation will be in order?

In October 2008, I was dismissed from my job with Greater Manchester Police. The letter of dismissal contained the words “….your work with neighbouring forces and your current work in the psychic field”.

I eventually took the matter to an Employment Tribunal
At the Pre-Hearing review, the judge accepted that my Religious/Philosophical Beliefs in Spiritualism and Life After Death and communication with Loved Ones etc were protected beliefs (characteristics) under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations.

Greater Manchester Police appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in London. I attended the Tribunal on my own and represented myself. The Landmark Ruling was confirmed.

I have now taken the matter to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg and on the 30th of November sent them the final ‘Legal Argument’ – which has taken me since June to complete.

Under the rules (Article 36 of the convention) any individual or organisation can submit a written comment.

This is the first time in History that Spiritualism, Mediums and the Belief in Life After Death has ever been the subject of a Claim before a Court both here in this country and now in the Highest Court in Europe.
(Usually Spiritualists are the Defendants – but in this case we are the Accusers)

You now have a unique once in a lifetime chance to have your say. Send your comment/letter of support to:

The Registrar
European Court of Human Rights,
Council of Europe,

Quoting Application reference number: 37869/11 POWER v. U.K.


Thanks for placing this letter on your Church Noticeboard.

Alan Power. M.A.
Flat 3, 25 Slatey Road,
Merseyside. CH43 4UE
Tele: 0151 651 0725

Yours faithfully.

(please see ‘Spirit of PN’ webpage under the article ‘Psychic News Needs You’ for further detail)


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Re: Do you believe in Life After Death,Alan Power. M.A.

Post by Quiet on Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:52 pm

Jock, there isn't much information about exactly why Mr. Power was dismissed.


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Re: Do you believe in Life After Death,Alan Power. M.A.

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:36 pm

The whole thing is very complex Quiet, I am not sure it is a great cause celebre for Spiritualism to back there are much better ones to join in with.

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Re: Do you believe in Life After Death,Alan Power. M.A.

Post by obiwan on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:51 pm

It read to me more like he was dismissed for proselytising on his employer's time.


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