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A tribute to mothers every-where

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A tribute to mothers every-where Empty A tribute to mothers every-where

Post by Guest Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:26 pm

Hello folks as you will know last Sunday was mothers day and we were
amazed at the turn-out. We had expected a quiet night and that was not
the case especially when Lorna Jones from Edinburgh gave the messages
to the recipients which were well recieved and there was not a dry eye
in the centre at Touch This was testiment to the power of spirit Lorna
has recently had major surgery and did consider haveing one of her
circle members to help her do the service how-ever due to the fact it
was mothers day no-one was availble so she decided to give it a try
herself. I offered to help if needed and I am happy that I was not
needed and Lorna and her inspirers made it a wonderfull evening that
will not be forgotten by any of us. Every thing was in kilta the hyms,
June`s reading which in itself had the patrons moved to tears Lorna`s
adress which was inspiring to all especally when the hyms the reading
were all included in her adress showing the power of spirit behind
all. I hope June places her reading on the poem page it is worth a
read.Our thanks go out to all who took part at this exceptional sevice
and it was a tribute to mothers every-where. L&L Jock


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